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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 12

Took off for Arizona in chilly weather at 6:30am to view the Grand Canyon. We didn't go many miles but what we saw was amazing. Words can't describe and photos can't show the wonder of it all. It was hard for us to leave as the Grand Canyon was the reason we left in the first place. Albert's childhood dream of seeing the Grand Canyon was fulfilled.
Just in case some of you don't know the story. Albert and I were watching the movie The Bucket List. It was about two guys that met in the hospital and both had terminal cancer. They decided to make up a list of what they wanted to do before they kicked the bucket. :) I asked Albert what he had wanted to do before he kicked the bucket and he said he had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and I just wanted to go anywhere. LOL. So we started saving and planning and here we are. :) We thought we might as well see Vegas and California too. :)
Even the ride getting to the Grand Canyon and the ride back was great. We rode 237 miles and are in Hurricane, UT. Yes, Utah again and yes we saw more buffalo. No video because Albert started swearing again. :o)
Tomorrow we are off to VEGAS. Yeha!


  1. Whew I am so glad to hear Albert made it back from the Grand Canyon LOL. Thank you so much for the message when you were at the Canyon. I really appreciated it. OMG these pictures might be some of my favorites. It is absolutley beautiful. Albert I am so happy for you that you made your dream come true.
    Love yas

  2. Susie
    Robert wants to know if your shoelace oh Boot lace got caught. LOL
    That landing you are standing on is that the one that has the glass bottom.
    Robert wants to know if you are going to try your luck at becoming a vegas show girl. If you do he wants pictures.

  3. HAHA...yup I made it. When we walked up to the canyon, I said "OMFG this is a big hole in the ground." It is awesome. I still can't believe it.

  4. I'll let Susie answer the other questions but, no it isn't the glass walkway. We were at the North Rim today. The walkway is at the South Rim or West Rim.

  5. I'm so glad you guys are having a fantastic time - it's true, pictures don't really describe it... When Mac and I looked over 'the edge' at the Grand Canyon he asked me if I wanted him to take my helmet... I said: "No, I think I'll leave it on...

    Words can't describe what you are seeing - it's simple 'awesome'... We'll finally be back in the states tomorrow, Thursday...

    Have more fun, be safe...

  6. Peggy,
    It sure is awesome. You guys ride safe and have a good trip back into the states. Today we head for Vegas. That should be interesting. :^)

  7. Robert,
    NOPE, my shoe laces didn't get caught and I doubt very much that I would do well as a show girl.

  8. I liked your story about how you came to be on this trip. I hadn't heard it before, some day we will make it to the Grand Canyon can't wait

  9. Hi Shar,
    It would be great if you can get to the Grand Canyon.
    We are in Vegas! OH MY.

  10. Wowser the grand canyon is awesome isn't it? Glad that you got there safely. Are you going to gamble in Las Vegas? Travel safe and have fun, Becky

  11. hey aunt susie.. dont worry about not making it in vegas as a show girl.. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A SHOW GIRL IN MY EYES!!!LOVE YAS BE SAFE ROBERT

  12. WEll aunt Susie if you ask me i think robert is sucking up a little bit...Hope you guys are having fun and im so glad that both of yas made it back from the grand canyon...i bet it was fun....cant wait to see yas when u get yas


  13. Becky, Robert, and Miranda,
    Nope Albert and I decided we don't want to try gambling. We will be updating the blog soon. :)
    Thanks Robert. That was sweet.
    Hi Miranda, it has been super fun. A lif time of vacations into one. Thanks and yup see you at home.