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Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 14

We were tired last night from being on "The Strip" so long and went to bed early. We got up and going about 4:30 am while it was still dark so we could see "The Strip" all lit up. :) It was 88 degrees. Whew!
Albert went up Tropicana Ave. the wrong way but got turned around in the right direction pretty quick.
There is a video(it will show when done processing)of "The Strip" to your right. Not a great one seeing it was dark and I was trying to hang on by squeezing around Albert with my legs...........but proves we were there. LOL!
We checked out the Hoover Dam and then got into CA. The dam doesn't look as big in person as in the pictures but Lake Meade is nice. We are now in Corona, CA.
Albert took off to a Harley Service place to get the oil changed and have it all checked out while I did the laundry and organized the bags again. 323 miles today and it was hot and windy.

The service for the Harley here was about 3x what Sovie charges, but what was I going to do it needed to be done.


  1. Great going - you two have the heat; we have the cold and heavy rain... Need it to even out...

    Yes, California prices are much higher for most anything compared to the rest of the country...

    Mac proposed to me on Las Vegas Blvd; my rings are from Harley in Las Vegas; marriage license was from Clark County, Las Vegas; got married in Las Vegas, on the Sportster, in my leathers...

    The small bag on the back of the bike had some dirty clothes as we headed to a laundromat after the wedding...

    Who would have thought...?

    Enjoy and be safe,

    Peggy (cubbear)

  2. Good story Peggy and thanks for sharing it. You two are true bikers, no doubt about that. We are off to San Diego that is supposed to have a high of 69 degrees today.

    Again welcome back to the states and ride safe.


  3. Great pics again. I didn't realize that the strip was that long. There are a lot of lights people must be up all night long there. Have a safe trip today and can't wait to see another update. I really like the last picture.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Ya it is long and we walked most of it. :)
    Albert called it "The City That Never Sleeps" but I think NYC is called that too.
    Off for the day to meet up with Albert's friend Mark to see the Ocean and ride the coast. :)

  5. So did you redo YOUR vows while in Vegas? Would be cool if you did.

  6. Shar,
    Nope we didn't redo our vows. After 35 yrs. we pretty much got it down.