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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 8

Up around 3am to a rainy day. Left at 7am for more fun.
Went to Custer State Park in WY and rode the Wildlife Loop. It was real nice and VERY exciting. Watch the video. (It may take some time to show up as it is still processing through youtube.)

Then we rode Iron Mountain Road which is part of the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway. There were tunnels, pigtail bridges and beautiful views. The sun was shining by then. We took pictures of Mount Rushmore. WOW, is that ever awesome. Met some nice people who took our photo and we took theirs. It took us five hours to do 86 miles.
We ended up here in Torrington, WY with a total of 261 miles.


  1. Isn't it all just awesome...? So happy you both are able to see it in person...

    While you're seeing the buffalo in the Custer area we just rode by some buffalo on the Alcan (Alaska/Canadian) Highway...

    Be safe and thanks, really enjoy your updates...


  2. Peggy and Mac,
    Sure is awesome and such great people we have met. Maybe someday we can ride as much and see as much as you guys have.
    Take care and ride safe.

    Albert and Susie

  3. I just watched the Buffalo video. OMG that was amazing. How long did it take you to get by all of them. Looks like they knew that was their territory and they weren't going to move until they were good and ready. Looks like you guys are really have fun. I am happy for you. Still enjoying the trip with yas.

  4. Liked the buffalo video. Susie are you filming without holding on at all? YIKES! Becky

  5. Tammy,
    Yes seeing Buffalo up close like that was amazing. They were beside us, behind us, ahead of us and a few of them in the road were MAD. :) It has been lots of fun.

    Yes, I film without holding on UNLESS we are going over high places. :)

    Thanks for following us girls,
    Albert and Susie

  6. glad to see you still smiling.Can't wait to see your next stops. Pictures never capture the beauty out there. I could never understand why people want to go to other countries when there is so much to see here first.

  7. Thanks Shar. It sure is fun.
    Would love to go to other countries one day.
    Have a great week,