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Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 17

Left around 6:30 and headed up Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman. Lots of interesting things along the way. One of our stops was the Road Kill Cafe in Seligman, Az where we had a cup of coffee and looked around and took some pictures. It was an amazing little place that has survived the Interstate system.

We stopped to see the Meteor Crater between Flagstaf and Winslow and took the tour which lasted about an hour. It included a hike half way around the rim of the crater and back. It was a total hike of 2 miles round trip. It is a interesting hole in the ground with a lot of history which includes astronauts training for their trip to the moon. It is 532 feet deep and 2 miles around the rim.

We also stopped in Winslow, Arizona where there is a bronze statue an mural painted on the wall in tribute to the Eagles song, Take it Easy. You know.....c'mon sing it. "I was standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine site to see. It's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me." It is a real popular place that draws many people from many places. There was a group of around 12- 14 Scandinavians on rented Harleys that was taking a tour from Chicago to LA (the length of Rt66) and stopped to take pics and buy some TShirts.

We run a total of 369 miles today and about half of that was on Historic Route 66. Tonight we are in Gallup, New Mexico and you guessed it, we are staying on Route 66 again. :^)

All in all it was a nice day for riding. It started out a little chilly but warmed up nice.


  1. See See what happens when you stand on the corner, You end up in jail. Good going Albert I hope you made enought money to bail the two of yous out. LOL LOL
    Great pics, I was tell Pat and Larry Flight where you were and they we very excited. Carol their daughter lives in AZ and they know Route 66 pretty good. I was telling them some of the things and they said you were in a good spot for the scenery.
    Danny still calls just about every night to find out where you are.
    Well Can't wait til tomorrows update. Love yas

  2. So glad you guys are seeing so much and having so much fun... Sure is different out there, isn't it...?

    We got into Crescent City, California today (Redwoods) - it had gotten hot on US 199, then was down to low 60's and fog by the time we reached our destination...

    Will be here for a couple days...

    Ride safe...

    Peggy (cubbear)

  3. Great pictures! Did not know about the Eagles' song! or the crater or much of anything else! I'll be sure to bring pen and paper and take notes when we get together!

  4. Tammy,
    Sure is some nice scenery.

    It sure is different. Take care and you and Mac ride safe too.

    I didn't know about the statue and kinda heard about the crater. I need more money and more time to see it all. haha