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Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 7

Up around 3 and off to Sturgis at 7:45. Warm and humid to start the day. Albert was just in a t-shirt (well pants too) LOL, and I wore a light sweat shirt.
It was around 88 to 90 by afternoon.

Walked around Sturgis looking at the sights. Ate lunch at the Temporary Insanity Cafe which has a wall you can sign your name on and we did.
We went to the Hell's Angels store in Sturgis. There were three Chapter's represented....CO, Reno and Oakland, CA. Bought a shirt for a guy Albert works with. So Hoot, tell Mike Albert got both the shirts he wanted.
We then went and made the drive through Spearfish Canyon and into Deadwood. Did a little shopping and now we are in Custer, SD.

Tomorrow we will be checking out Mount Rushmore and Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway and then off to Wyoming toward Denver CO.
Short mileage day at a tad under 200 but a lot of walking.
PS. We just heard on the news that Sturgis had baseball size hail that damaged the motorcycles and cars in a storm that just went through.
Oh and don't know if we mentioned that just after we left Louisville, KY had MAJOR flooding right after we left. We sure have been blessed. :o)

Yeha, finally here at Sturgis. :)

Sturgis about mid morning so it was kind of quiet. :o)

Buffalo anyone? I just remembered Albert had a Buffalo Burger the other day. I tried a little of it. It is ok. :)

Hey Ron I'm advertising Tyrade at Sturgis. :o)

See if you can find where we signed at the Cafe?

Hoot this is JUST FOR YOU!!!

Got tons of photos but just no time to get them up on my photo site. Maybe when we get home.
Catch ya all later.
Albert and Susie


  1. Love the pictures.....Hey what about a picture of a hot man for me. lol Still loving the trip with ya

  2. We posted a picture of the guy on the Buffalo bike. :^)

  3. it looks you 2 are having way too much fun! Good for you, it really is great to be following your path! ~Suzann~

  4. it looks you 2 are having way too much fun! Good for you, it really is great to be following your path! ~Suzann~

  5. Suzann,

    It has been fun. The only thing I don't like is the packing up and unpacking each day, but that is the way it is and we are getting better at it. Doing laundry on the road sucks too. LOL!


  6. hey.. free tyrade advertising... does this mean we are a national band? haha. looks like you guys are having alot of fun. stay safe