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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 22

It was a good riding day today. Actually it was a real good day to ride and we had a short ride yesterday and come to find out that was a good thing.

We left Lakeland, TN at 6:30 AM with the temperature at 63 degrees and headed out to see how close to I-81 we could get. Our plan was to go as far as Cookeville, TN which is about 270 miles. Well we got that far real early and decided to go to Knoxville, TN. When we got to Knoxville we figured, since we were feeling real good, we may as well go to Dandridge, TN which is the beginning of I-81 and would be about 400 miles.

Weeeeeeelll!!!!! Did anyone ever hear of Bristol Motor Speedway????? We never did, but we aren't NASCAR fans. But we have heard of it now. Apparently they are having the Sharpie 500 there tonight and you can imagine that would mean motels are booked. They weren't just booked in Bristol either, they were booked for about 100 miles in all directions. The going price for a room that wasn't booked was $200/ night an up. We did find a Super8 that offered us a room for $181+tax because the bathroom had problems. We said no thanks and left. LOL!!

Finally we found a room in Marion, Virginia for twice what he had been paying, but were sick of stopping and asking if they had a room and it was getting late. Anyway, here we are in Marion, VA. which is 531 miles from Lakeland, TN. The first time in 22 days we were told they didn't have any vacancies and paid twice what we did for a room in the Sturgis area.

Oh well, it was a good day to ride and we both were feeling good and we got a lot of miles on today and see a lot of country.

PS. Marion, VA is on Route 11 the SAME Route 11 that runs through DeKalb Junction. LOL.
I jokingly told Albert that we were going to get out of TN today and he said we wouldn't be going that far. HA HA Albert. LOL.


  1. Six thirty in the morning - bless you...!! I'm not even awake at that time... Great pictures and can see you had mostly blue skies...

    Yes, have been by Bristol Speedway a few times (non Nascar too) - that's been a route for us to ride to Lake George (I think)...

    The 63 degrees actually sounds wonderful for someone who doesn't like the cold...

    Enjoy your remaining ride home...


  2. Thanks Peggy and we are usually up by 4am but must have got tired out yesterday. We didn't get up until 5:45am.

  3. Hi Susie and Albert. We had never heard of the Bristol Motor speedway, but Ian was just reading the paper and there was a picture of the Bristol speedway and all the people./ YIKES! No wonder there were no hotel rooms. Safe Travels, Becky

  4. Becky,
    Well I hadn't heard of it either.
    We are still in VA but tomorrow will be in PA. :)