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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 5

Up at 3:30 and on the road at 7:00.
Chilly start in the morning ended up warming up for a beautiful day for 432 miles of riding.
You can see for a LONG way on I-29 in Iowa and we could see in the distance on the right and left hand side of the road it was pouring but we never got wet again to day.
Met some real nice people at rest stops and gas stations etc.
A couple from OK want us to stop by when we go through so they can buy us dinner and even offered to let us spend the night. They are a real nice couple about our age.
We are now in Mitchell, South Dakota about 300 miles from Sturgis.
The photo of the gal with the dogs Albert took for ERICA. :o) She loves animals!
The last two photos were taken at the first rest stop in SD where we meet another nice couple from Buffalo, NY and they are actually pretty much taking the same route as we are.
Another day of high mileage but it doesn't take long to rack up the miles when the speed limits are 70 to 75 and everyone is driving 80 to 90.
Another great day!
If I ever find time, I will be uploading a bunch of photos to my photo site. It is too many to add here on the blog.


  1. Well if you two are tired you are hiding it well. By this time tomorrow you should be at Sturgis...yeha

  2. are moving right along!! It looks like you are having a great time!! Be safe in Sturgis... ~Suzann~

  3. I'll try again - for some reason once I post a blog can never do another one - I just tried using anonymous - I was missing something...

    Following your ride - sure sounds wonderful - have fun and be safe...

    Peggy (cubbear)

  4. Okay, think I figured it out - after I select a profile even if it's anonymous, I have to click on 'Preview' first then 'Post Comment' and it goes through...

    I'm always looking for shortcuts and Susie, I hate manuals, laughing...

    Peggy (cubbear)

  5. Thanks Shelby, Tammy, Suzann and Cubbear. :o)
    Rained here but think it is done. Will be leaving for Sturgis in an hour or so.
    Have a great day all.

  6. aww, thanks for thinking of me! they're real cute! i'm glad you guys are having fun, love you!


  7. hey guys, keepin' track of you both everyday,when you guy's get to sturgis, take some pictures of some pretty bikes with big handlebars ,and anything else pretty with big handlebars. lol haha seriously, keep bikin', be safe, have fun hoot

  8. Hoot,
    I will see if I can get some pretty, big handlebar pictures. Take care of Gordy. I know he misses me. haha Again thanks for the Guardian Ride Bell.

  9. Peggy (cubbear)
    I was thinking of you and Mac when we were going through the Badlands. I wish I could do this every day and see all the sights you two have. You two ride safe and take care.

  10. Erica,
    We think about you a "LOT". Miss ya,
    Albert and Susie