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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 15

We left this morning around 6am for San Diego to see Mark Cleveland an old friend of ours. It was a little chilly ride down with the temps in the 60's. It didn't take long to warm up though. On the way down something that is just amazing happened. We were riding South on I-15 and I saw a white Honda Goldwing pull onto the freeway. We followed them a while then I pulled up along side of them. It was Fred and Cherrie Rau, that own Fred Rau Adventure Tours. I met Cherrie on the Americade Forum and met them both in person at Americade this year. Now what are the chances of that when riding down the freeway at 80MPH. We pulled over and visited awhile and they were as surprised to see us as we were to see them.
We got to Mark's house around 8am and he took us to Mission Beach for coffee and Susie had toast. From there we rode RT 101, 1 and Pacific Highway to Newport Beach. I never did ask him if they were all the same road with 3 different names. They seem to like to do that out West for some reason.
After that we run back South a ways on I-5 and cut across 74 to Lake Elsinore through the Cleveland National Forest on the Ortega Highway. (I think he was showing off a forest named after him. haha) Then we headed for I-15 and stopped to say our good-byes and he headed South back to San Diego and we headed North to our home for the last 2 days in Corona.
It was a fun day with lots of nice scenary and good conversation. It was nice to ride with Mark and have him show us the sites. We appreciate him taking one of his days off to show us around. We put 270 miles on today and it was special to be riding with Mark.
Tomorrow we start our journey back home. We already have a 85 mile head start from San Diego.
Albert and Susie


  1. Hi folks...I love reading your "per day" news! I feel like I am reading a book and I can't wait for the next chapter. Everyday IS an adventure! Thanks for keeping all of us posted! See you soon! Love from ~Suzann~

  2. Suzann,
    How is the fishing going?
    See you are getting much warmer temps there. I know you like that.
    I wish we had more time to put a ton more info on the blog. It is hard to find the time.
    Thanks for following us,
    Albert and Susie

  3. Hi,
    It is fun to follow along on your trip. I agree with Suzanne. It is like reading a book and waiting for the next chapter. I love it. What will I do when you get home and now longer post in the blog??? hehe Love, Aunt Peg

  4. Great pics AGAIN. I love the Ocean pics. Albert I am glad you got to see Mark. Was he really suprised. I know you had said once that you didn't think he thought you would really stop and see him. Fooled him LOL.I can't wait til tomorrow to see the next blog. Love yas

  5. Hi Aunt Peg and Tammy,
    Albert and I may keep the blog going because we will always be riding somewhere. :)
    Mark knew we were coming and was so glad to see us. He couldn't believe we actually did it. LOL!
    Glad you are both following us!