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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home and back to everyday things!

It seems like the 26 days flew by in a flash. We have tons of photos to upload but haven't found the time yet.
Albert and I got all the laundry caught up yesterday and some of our stuff put away.
Ron, Erica and Drew came for a visit and stayed for supper. It was so good to see them.
Last night while trying to sleep I woke up several times and wondered what state I was in. :o) I don't mean like the 'state of confusion' but which state as in the United States. LOL~!
Albert mowed the lawns and washed the Harley today while I went to get groceries.
We are grateful to Ron for taking care of the lawns while we were gone and watching over the house.
We still have a few things to put away but in no hurry. :)
We went this afternoon to get the oil changed in the Harley. We had it done before we left, while we were in CA and it needed it again. Seems a little chilly here after being in 115°! :o)
Thanks again for following us, for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes.
Thought I would post a few random photos:


  1. Again welcome home. Can't wait to see all of the pics you took.

  2. Thanks! Good to see you yesterday. :)

  3. The pictures are beautiful. I love landscape pictures, espechially of mountains and hills. I am so glad you made the trip and got home safely. Maybe I will see you in a couple weeks or less. Coming up to see that new baby... Love, Aunt Peg

  4. Aunt Peg,
    Susie sure got a lot of pictures. She took over 3000 pictures plus some videos too. That's right TC is going to be a Daddy.