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Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 7......early morning blather

Well today is day 7 of the trip and I thought I would put down some of my thoughts. The last 2 days we have reserved our rooms. I said before we headed out on this trip that I wasn't going to HAVE to be any place at any certain time or day. Well, once we got closer to Sturgis I changed my mind. I really didn't want to have to sleep on a picnic table at a rest stop. I did that on the way back from Texas in the 70's but I am tooooooo old for that shit now. I like a bed. haha. I noticed way back just North of St. Louis the signs saying "Welcome Bikers" started showing up at gas stops. So I thought once we got closer to Sturgis we should call ahead for a room. We are 80 miles West of Sturgis now and this motel is full. **Thanks to Julie for the Super8 Motel tip** We have stayed at 4 of them so far and will stay in one tonight in Custer, and we haven't been disappointed yet.

One last thought for today and if you don't ride a motorcycle much you won't understand. Actually we ride a lot and don't really understand it.

Here goes.............
It amazes how bikers wearing colors on their vest (MC Clubs/Gangs), people just wearing leathers, people in jeans and cut off shirts, people in shorts and sandals, long hair, short hair, no hair, old, young, really old, rich and not so rich and from all different backgrounds in life can have so much in common. All of this, just because they ride a motorcycle. They all get along. They all ask " how are you doing" "do you need a hand" "where ya goin'" "where ya been" and are really sincere about it.

A week from now or less, we are going to be headed back toward the East and home. I am going to miss this.

Then I think about all the friends and family tracking us on our "bucket list" trip, that are concerned daily about our safety and are happy about us being happy.



  1. Hey Susie, I am loving your blog. I am so glad that you are safe and having a wonderful time. You guys look great.
    We were all thinking of you at lunch on Wed. I must get them hooked up with this website. Where are all the pics that you are uploading somewhere? Happy Trails, Becky

  2. Hey my comment worked, we are using Gavin's computer, because ours died!

  3. I am so glad that you are really enjoying the trip. We are all happy that you are doing it. I am really enjoying the ride with you. You two are the conversation every day. Danny calls every night to check on you and he has his map out so he can follow where you are. I get excited every time I see that you have updated the blog. Hope Sturgis is what and more than you are expecting. Love yas Tammy

  4. Funny you mentioned the hail stones as I just bought a new car in March, hail storm was in July and did much damage to it as they too were baseball-softball size then after a great sunny day then it hit out of the blue! Your comeraderie as a "biker" is so much like the military, alway helping each other. Keep treking! Brenda

  5. Tammy,
    Sturgis was great. A lot of bikes and people.

    There were winds with gust to 70MPH along with the hail. I am glad we got out of there.

    Albert and Susie

  6. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for thinking of me. :)
    I haven't had any time to upload more pictures but when I do they will be here:
    Catch you hopefully next month.