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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 6

Hi everyone:
Up at 3:30 and on our way at 7:45!
Rained during the night but it wasn't raining at the time we left. Cloudy and 68 degrees. We put on our rain pants and definitely needed them by the time we got to Draper South Dakota. It was pouring and could hardly see so we pulled into this little road house/bar/casino/gas station/store. About 20 bikers already standing under the porch roof. We went in for coffee and everyone else followed for coffee etc. Left about 20 minutes later after filling up with gas. It was raining a little and in a short time it turned out sunny and hot. Got to our motel in Wall, SD, unpacked, had lunch and did the Badlands Scenic Byway.
We uploaded a video of the Badlands and it is to the
right of this post. Read the description.
I also uploaded a video of The Gateway Arch we went up in at St. Louis, MO and that is at your right too. :)
It was TOTALLY AWESOME. Beautiful country so far.
We went 282 miles which is pretty good seeing half of that was in the rain. :o)
Tomorrow we are going to Sturgis.
The rolling hills of SD!

BadLands! :)

Us at the "Badlands! :)

I'm here in South Dakota. Yeha!

Albert HATES snakes!

BUT he likes a pretty girl. LOL!

This Dinosaur photo is for Drew and Mason. We love and miss them and their parent Ronnie, Erica, Andy, and Melissa so much.
Catch you all tomorrow.
Albert and Susie


  1. lol, Great photos Susie! I love the one of Albert with the "pretty girl!"

  2. Thanks for the ride thru the badlands. I love the scenery. I would have crapped my pants to see that sign of the rattlesnakes.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    It was so neat. We had a great time. We left our snake bite kit in the motel room. LOL
    Have a nice rest of your week,

  4. Is that the Dinosaur from Pee Wee's Big Adventure!!!??

  5. Glad all is going great and that you are missing the storms. SD is nice we would like to make the trip again. Alot there to be seen, that's where we meet Buck (Cisco) from Dances with the Wolves.Did you get into Deadwood? if so what did you think of it?

  6. Hi Andy,
    This dinosaur was the logo of Sinclair Gas Stations in SD.

    We went to Deadwood and did some sight seeing but not a lot. :)It was a neat little town.
    Downtown Wall South Dakota is set up kind of like the old Deadwood western town.