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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 23

Up late this morning. We got up a 5:45 and couldn't believe it. Must be all the time changes are catching up with us. Hit the road leaving Marion, VA at 8:30 and the fog was lifting and the temperature was 60 degrees. The sun finally popped through and it never got over 80 degrees all day.

The traffic was terrible as everyone was leaving after watching the race at Bristol. It seemed to us that all the race fans came down from the North because it seemed they were all heading back North. It was the worst roads and drivers of the whole trip so far. I think a lot of the drivers were all psyched up on racing and thought it was their turn. I have driven in some bad traffic with some bad drivers but this was horrible.

We got as far as Winchester and decided to call it a day at 3:30 we booked our room for the night. We traveled 337 miles today and see a lot of nice Virginia scenery.

Did you ever hear the story about the guy and his wife on a Harley going cross country? They had rode over 7000 miles in mountains, deserts, coastal highways, cities, badlands, and in all kinds of places. They had a GPS and Atlas and never once got lost. Well it seems this couple was on their 23 day of travel and were going North through Virginia and thought they would ride the Skyline Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. They got off an exit for I-64 and went about 30 miles and thought, "This don't seem right" so they stopped to get some gas having learned in Wyoming that it could be a long ways between gas stations. They see there was a nice little diner built onto the gas station so went in to get lunch, after filling their Harley with gas, and asked directions to Waynesboro and Skyline Drive. Well it seems they not only had taken the wrong exit but had went the wrong way also. So the figured what the heck it was a nice lunch and nice people so off they went again. They got to what was the right exit and again it didn't seem right. Stopped for gas and asked direction and guess what. Wrong exit and wrong way again. So they figured that maybe somebody didn't want them on Skyline Drive that day and said "To Hell with it, we can do it next year on our Florida trip".

Have a good day, (we did)


  1. Great pics today and yesterdays. Sounds like you had a very interesting ride today. Can't wait to see all the pics you took. Love Yas

  2. But isn't it wonderful what you see when you didn't expect it...!!

    We got 'lost' today riding East on I-80 trying to go south to reach Hawthorne, Nevada... Never got to Hawthorne - staying overnight in Fallon, Nevada... Thirty-two miles riding in desolation and highway only went east for 16 miles before we could turn around... Mac will never use one of the 'authorized turns only' - I would...!!! And I'd get a ticket...!!

    Blue Ridge (Skyline Drive) - that is a mess - why would anyone want to ride that on a Sunday anyway...? Just kidding, but it's so slow; curves; speed limit; etc... Then to get off it you have to drive for miles to reach a decent highway...

    One year when we were 'attempting' it, there were icicles formed on the mountainside along where we were riding and it was COLD...

    That's when we left that place to find a better road...

    So, you're going to Florida next year...? Any particular place you want to visit and/or see...?

    I lived there for 20+ years so know much of it...

    Tell you what: Ride west from there and come visit us in Texas... You both are more than welcome...


  3. Tammy,
    Yup, it was a good interesting day.

    Susie has a friend in Florida that lives in Bushnell that she would like to she. Since we would be that far I would like to ride down to the keys.
    I can imagine some of the interesting "get lost" times that you guys have had with all your travelling. Is Mac feeling better yet?