ALL of our Harley Adventure Photos!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Nice weather so far.

The weather this year has been nice so far. We haven't taken any pictures, but we have put around 3500 miles on the Harley so far.

We have made 2 or 3 trips to Syracuse, went into Canada, up to Lake Placid and many, many 100+ mile trips after work just riding local.

We are trying to keep our butts in shape for the ride this summer. We plan on leaving July 24th or 25th and returning sometime at the end of August.

We will be leaving home and heading for Chicago and riding Route 66 to Santa Monica, California. For the return trip we will be riding up the west coast to Seattle, WA. and then coming back across the northern states with a detour to Yellowstone National Park. Then maybe into Canada for a while above the Great Lakes.

We are looking forward to the trip and to the comments by the followers. It was fun last year to share parts of the trip with you all.

We are going to Lake George and spending a day at Americade but not spending 2 days as usual. We will head into Vermont and stay around Killington then ride Rt. 17 across Appalachian Gap, then Smugglers Notch before heading back to New York State.

We also have the family trip on the 3rd of July. We will rent a van and head to Whiteface Mountain and hopefully a better view then the fog we had in October last year.

Stay tuned for pictures to come in the near future. Probably the Lake George trip will be the first picture trip of the year. Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

Tomorrow the kids and their kids will be here for a BBQ. Ronnie don't know it yet but him and Andy are doing the cooking.

Albert and Susie