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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home and back to everyday things!

It seems like the 26 days flew by in a flash. We have tons of photos to upload but haven't found the time yet.
Albert and I got all the laundry caught up yesterday and some of our stuff put away.
Ron, Erica and Drew came for a visit and stayed for supper. It was so good to see them.
Last night while trying to sleep I woke up several times and wondered what state I was in. :o) I don't mean like the 'state of confusion' but which state as in the United States. LOL~!
Albert mowed the lawns and washed the Harley today while I went to get groceries.
We are grateful to Ron for taking care of the lawns while we were gone and watching over the house.
We still have a few things to put away but in no hurry. :)
We went this afternoon to get the oil changed in the Harley. We had it done before we left, while we were in CA and it needed it again. Seems a little chilly here after being in 115°! :o)
Thanks again for following us, for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes.
Thought I would post a few random photos:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 26

Up early this morning and got around to leave about 7:20 AM after calling Julie Gray Crotty to let her know we were leaving. She headed out to meet us a Sugar Creek by Longway's Diner to escort us back into St. Lawrence County.
We got to Sugar Creek just seconds behind Julie and come to find out just minutes ahead of the rain. After coffee, which Julie tipped over hers and after Susie finding her sunglasses that were hanging on her helmet, we took off for home.
Weeeeellllll it started raining real soon and buy the time we got to Philly Fuels Julie made a good move and pulled in. We put our bikes under the porch roof and got some coffee. We decided it wasn't going to quit real soon so got geared up and off we went. Today was the longest stretch of riding in the rain since we left on August 1st.
We had fun though, of course it is always fun when Susie and Julie get together. There is just something that makes them a little bit nuttier than usual. OH and they found a pole too.LOL!!!!
We got home around 11:00 AM and Julie headed home to get dried out. We both thank Julie for the welcome escort back even though she knew she would probably get wet.
We also thank Gena Jones for the welcome back horn blowing when she went by as we were unloading the Harley.
All in all it was a great trip. I just got off the phone with my brother Danny in Kentucky and he asked if we had it to do all over again what would we change. My answer was, "Have 6 months instead of 1 month." I am thankful though that things came together so we could take the 1 month.
Thanks to all that commented on the blog, on facebook, and by contacting family. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. Thanks to Hoot for the Guardian Ride Bell and to Wayne for the St. Christopher pins. We travelled a total of 7,891 miles and arrived safe back in De Kalb.
By the way......................... the sun is shining now. :^)

Albert and Susie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 25

Left Jonestown, PA at 8 AM and the temperature was 60 degrees. We see lots of nice scenery as we travelled up I-81 and into New York State.
Today is Melissa Simser's birthday so as her present we stopped to stay with her, Andy and Mason for the night. LOL!!!! Oh and she liked the 'green' stuff we gave her too. :)
Tomorrow we end this adventure when we will be home again in De Kalb Jct., NY after a great and exciting trip. By the way Melissa is 29 yrs. old today. :^)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 24

Left Winchester, VA around 8:30 this morning with temperature of 69 degrees. We crossed into West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania very fast. We stopped at a Starbucks for a Cappuccino for a treat because we hadn't had one in a while. The on we went to Hershey, PA to have a look around at Susie's dream world. We found it without ANY problems at all. Hmmmmmm.....isn't that strange.
We spent a few hours there taking the tours and eating chocolate, looking around and eating chocolate, and walked around eating chocolate. Then we walked out to the Harley, eating chocolate, to go get a room for the night. We got a room fairly soon at Jonestown, PA after a short 152 miles today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 23

Up late this morning. We got up a 5:45 and couldn't believe it. Must be all the time changes are catching up with us. Hit the road leaving Marion, VA at 8:30 and the fog was lifting and the temperature was 60 degrees. The sun finally popped through and it never got over 80 degrees all day.

The traffic was terrible as everyone was leaving after watching the race at Bristol. It seemed to us that all the race fans came down from the North because it seemed they were all heading back North. It was the worst roads and drivers of the whole trip so far. I think a lot of the drivers were all psyched up on racing and thought it was their turn. I have driven in some bad traffic with some bad drivers but this was horrible.

We got as far as Winchester and decided to call it a day at 3:30 we booked our room for the night. We traveled 337 miles today and see a lot of nice Virginia scenery.

Did you ever hear the story about the guy and his wife on a Harley going cross country? They had rode over 7000 miles in mountains, deserts, coastal highways, cities, badlands, and in all kinds of places. They had a GPS and Atlas and never once got lost. Well it seems this couple was on their 23 day of travel and were going North through Virginia and thought they would ride the Skyline Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. They got off an exit for I-64 and went about 30 miles and thought, "This don't seem right" so they stopped to get some gas having learned in Wyoming that it could be a long ways between gas stations. They see there was a nice little diner built onto the gas station so went in to get lunch, after filling their Harley with gas, and asked directions to Waynesboro and Skyline Drive. Well it seems they not only had taken the wrong exit but had went the wrong way also. So the figured what the heck it was a nice lunch and nice people so off they went again. They got to what was the right exit and again it didn't seem right. Stopped for gas and asked direction and guess what. Wrong exit and wrong way again. So they figured that maybe somebody didn't want them on Skyline Drive that day and said "To Hell with it, we can do it next year on our Florida trip".

Have a good day, (we did)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 22

It was a good riding day today. Actually it was a real good day to ride and we had a short ride yesterday and come to find out that was a good thing.

We left Lakeland, TN at 6:30 AM with the temperature at 63 degrees and headed out to see how close to I-81 we could get. Our plan was to go as far as Cookeville, TN which is about 270 miles. Well we got that far real early and decided to go to Knoxville, TN. When we got to Knoxville we figured, since we were feeling real good, we may as well go to Dandridge, TN which is the beginning of I-81 and would be about 400 miles.

Weeeeeeelll!!!!! Did anyone ever hear of Bristol Motor Speedway????? We never did, but we aren't NASCAR fans. But we have heard of it now. Apparently they are having the Sharpie 500 there tonight and you can imagine that would mean motels are booked. They weren't just booked in Bristol either, they were booked for about 100 miles in all directions. The going price for a room that wasn't booked was $200/ night an up. We did find a Super8 that offered us a room for $181+tax because the bathroom had problems. We said no thanks and left. LOL!!

Finally we found a room in Marion, Virginia for twice what he had been paying, but were sick of stopping and asking if they had a room and it was getting late. Anyway, here we are in Marion, VA. which is 531 miles from Lakeland, TN. The first time in 22 days we were told they didn't have any vacancies and paid twice what we did for a room in the Sturgis area.

Oh well, it was a good day to ride and we both were feeling good and we got a lot of miles on today and see a lot of country.

PS. Marion, VA is on Route 11 the SAME Route 11 that runs through DeKalb Junction. LOL.
I jokingly told Albert that we were going to get out of TN today and he said we wouldn't be going that far. HA HA Albert. LOL.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 21

Waited for the fog to lift a little and left Clarksville, Arkansas at 8:15 AM and headed for Tennessee. We stopped at another interesting place for lunch called the Roadside Bar-B-Q. It had good food and the walls and ceiling were painted white and everybody signs their name, etc. on the walls and ceiling with markers. Something like the place in Sturgis. So we signed our name on the ceiling.

Crossed into Tennesee and into Memphis to go to Graceland. What an amazing place and the hisory of it was something too. We took many, many pictures and walked and walked and walked. You aren't allowed to use flash or take videos. Most pictures come our OK but some were just black. Of course if you don't like Elvis you wouldn't go there in the first place but it was real nice and all the security was nice and helpful also. There was Elvis music playing any where you went. I even sang some Elvis Karoke in one of the buildings. I sang "Fools Rush In" with Elvis. That was cool. We took 2 1/2 hours to do the tour. Most of it is a self guided tour so you can take as long as you want. I can honestly say you could spend a whole day easily.

We left Memphis and got a motel in Lakeland, TN were we are staying tonight. Tomorrow we see how close to I-81 we can get.