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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tribute to "Mac"

I received an email from Peggy (Cubbear) last night that her husband and Harley riding partner Raymond (Mac) passed away. Some of you may remember Peggy that posted comments on our blog during our trip last year.

They were married in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 18, 2000 at the World Famous Chapel of Bells, on their Harley Davidson Sportster, dressed in leathers. Their rings came from the Las Vegas Harley Dealer. They spent the last 10 years touring the United States and Canada on the Sportster, then a Softail and then finally their Harley Davidson Triglide that they both loved.

I never got to meet either one of them in person. I have just corresponded with them by email and followed their blog but feel like I have known them for 10 years.

They had some great adventures together and made lasting memories that will never be forgotten.

I want to say thank you for sharing your adventures and you won't be forgotten. You are a great example of what motorcycles and riding are all about.

He is a link to their website and a couple of pictures from their website.

Rest In Peace......Raymond "Mac" McHatton.