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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 10

Up and on the road shortly after 7 am. The temperature was only 46 degrees but it warmed up real fast.
Made it into Provo, Utah in the afternoon and called Sharon my cousin (Beebe) Healey. Kay (her husband) answered and said he would call her. I checked google and couldn't figure out how to get to Heather (Reed) Prescott's house from Sharon's so Sharon came and picked us up in her car.
We got to Sharon and Kay's and Kay made us a good dinner on the BBQ. We had steak, salad, squash and corn on the cob. The first home cooked meal in 10 days. It was very good.
After a little more visiting they took us over to Susie's nieces house. We visited with Heather, Jim and the kids for a while then Heather and her daughter brought us back to the room and off to sleep we went.
After 302 miles on the road, nice scenery, good food, and conversation we had a full day. It was nice to be drove around for a while and we appreciate the rides

. *****I can't tell you why, but I (Albert) became known as "bitch" LOL!!!!!! maybe someday I can tell you why. For now you can just make up stories why.************

Thanks again Sharon, Kay, Heather, Jim and kids for the good time.
Albert and Susie
PS: I (Susie) just wanted to comment on how beautiful Utah is and how gorgeous both houses were. OH MY GOODNESS! BIG and wonderful.
We had such a great time. Great food, great visit with lots of laughs. Made our day all the more fun. :o)


  1. I am so glad you are both enjoying yourselves. Albert you will have to give me the story when you get home of why you are the "bitch" LOL. Great pictures again. Still enjoying the trip with yas

  2. Tammy,
    Maybe,someday but it will be a while. Right now it will have to remain a secret.