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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Practice :o)

We did a practice run today and everything fit with room to spare.

(Always click the photo to enlarge!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost ready :o) (GPS)

Tom and Julie Crotty offered to let us borrow their GPS. How neat is that?
We have been on a few rides with them and they are tons of fun. Hopefully we can get together for another ride before we go or when we get back.
Hope to hook the GPS up on Saturday and get use to using it.

Julie and Tom having fun! :o)

Looks like the sexy Winston man. :o)

Julie ready to roll. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting ready:

Just an update on how things are coming along preparing for 'our' trip.

We bought the thermometer and clock a while back. We really like them.

We bought new bags. These are a little bigger than what we had and they are better made to stay upright when partially filled. I'm sure they will be full though. :)

I thought it would make for a much better trip if we could communicate easily instead of him turning to holler to me. I have a full face helmet and could never really hear him that well. This communication system is great. The only thing is it allows bikers and passengers to talk and listen simultaneously. That means "I CAN'T TURN HIM OFF! LOL!
He has a half helmet (prefers not to wear one and won't if he doesn't have to) and we were able to hook it up to that too. They said they didn't work with half helmets. Little do they know how resourceful we are. :)

Here is my butt buffer. YES, a butt buffer. With a bad back and boney ass I would get a tad uncomfortable even with Motrin 800 every three hours. We went to Utica and back and it was a much better ride.
Write up from site I purchased from:
Within the Motorcycle Seat Cushion is a special product developed for the medical industry, we’ve found a way to alleviate the stiffness, soreness, and lower back pain that can make a long ride endless. The Dry Polymer Core Inside the Butt Buffer Will Never Fully Compress - This Means Painful Pressure Points Which Can Develop Between You And Your Bike Seat Are Eliminated.
Are we having fun yet??? OH YES, everyday! :o)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Harley Adventures

Albert and I will be keeping track of our Harley Adventures here.We got the Harley Fatboy back in June 2006. We have over 31,000 on it and have loved every minute.
Most of our trips have been in NY with a few
taken in VT except July of 2008 we went to NH and Bar Harbor, ME.

We are leaving Aug 1st for Sturgis and then to San Diego. Should be some where around 7,000 miles or more.