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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 9

Up again pretty early and on the road at 7:10 am. A chilly morning at 56 degrees.
We were on Interstate 85 in WY and on our way to Colorado. :) I asked Albert if he
needed gas and he said "nah". Albert had to put it on reserve and didn't know if we
would make it off the interstate in time to get gas or not. We did, whew! The Harley ended up taking 4.948 in a 5 gallon tank. :o)
Good photo of the ole boy eh? LOL!

We headed into CO and started to see the Rocky Mountains in the distance. They were a tad hard to see. Little did we know that we would be driving through miles and miles and miles of huge beautiful mountains. It was so a amazing. The photos just don't do it justice.
The Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel was an added bonus. We didn't even know it existed.
I uploaded a video. You will see it on the right side.
We ended up going 365 miles and are in Rifle, CO.
Thanks for following us.
Albert and Susie


  1. Hi there...looks just beautiful! The mountains would be great to see...~Suzann~

  2. Another amazing video. Here I thought the tunnel in Massena was cool..I gotta get out more. LOL Oh before I forget, How are gas prices out there. They are going up again here at home.

  3. the pictures of the mountains make me homesick for the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah Valley, Staunton VA! wow beautiful!

  4. Oh guys what an amazing adventure you are on!!!!! Follow you everyday these places are amazing and beautiful except for the buffalo they were neat but not beautiful.(lol) Keep riding and keep sending those pictures.
    Be safe.

  5. Suzann, Tammy, Pam, and Debbie,
    It looks so unreal here. I mean it is just so amazing. You see photos all your life of these things but you have no clue until you see them with your own eyes.
    Mount Rushmore is HUGE, the Black Hills are just so gorgeous, the Badlands were just breath taking. We caught a glimpse of Crazy Horse too. Going up in the Arch in MO was way cool to be up that high. Well it was fine until I looked down. I could go on and on and on.
    Gas prices are around $1.53 for regular.
    Thanks again for coming along with us. :)
    Albert and Susie

  6. Wow cool stuff. Ian says that stopping for gas too early wastes time! He would have done the same thing as Albert! LOL Becky

  7. Becky,
    LOL, typical male. :) How goes it?
    Thanks for following us kiddo.

  8. i just watched the buffalo video, i love the stuff you guys are saying! "i'd just go through at 85 mph." and "that's a big mother!" hahaa, you guys are so funny. so what did you guys end up doing? going through, turning around or did they eventaully move? i totally would have gotten off and pet one! haha. glad you guys are having so much fun, but we all miss you here!


  9. those mountains are awesome, i could only dream of hunting there, looks like a really good trip that most people could only dream about. stay safe, ride hard, i'll keep watching you guy's hoot - p.s. i saw a couple a tears on gordy's cheek yesterday but did'nt say anything!!

  10. Hoot,
    It is some nice country. You would love it. Driving through the Rockies was awesome. Gordon told me that I wouldn't believe it. Tell him to quit crying I will be back by the end of the month. hahaha


  11. Erica,

    We turned around and went the other way. I didn't know how long we would have to sit there and they were starting to fill the road behind us. We are having lots of fun and seeing lots of beautiful scenery. You would never be able to get across country because you would be taking pictures and checking out the animals all the time. LOL!
    We miss you guys too are thinking of you.
    Love ya's
    Albert and Susie
    Give Drew a hug and kiss for us and if you see Mason before we get home give him one too.:^)