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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 16

Up and out the door around 6am and the temp was 61 degrees in Corona, CA. A nice cool start to the day but by Noon it was 108 degrees and just a little bit warm. We rode up to Barstow, CA on I-15 N and then took I-40 E to Topock, AZ and then got on Historic Route 66 to Oatman and then to Kingman where we are spending the night. More on Route 66 tomorrow as we will be riding the longest unbroken stretch of it that is left.
There is a video we took today of Route 66. I put my finger over the microphone so you wouldn't get all of the wind noise.
Our ride today was across the desert then up to Oatman which is said to be the "ghost town" that won't die. It is a neat little town that was started because of gold there. The miners left and let their mules go and everyday the mules come down into the town and the tourists feed them. If you ever have the chance it is worth seeing.
We then left Oatman and continued over Sitegraves Pass for unbelievable views and twisting and winding roads. A motorcycle riders dream world.
We rode a total of 303 miles today and stopped at 2:30 to get a room and do laundy again.

This photo is for Ron.
HEY RON is this a Poison Cackler!


  1. wow! looks like you guys had a fun trip...and thats a cute picture aunt susie of u and uncle albert in jackass junction...hahaha....well cant wait to see ya when u get home...

    love miranda

  2. Hi Miranda,
    Yup, another good day. Thanks for following us ole jackasses. :)

  3. More great pics. I see you found the rest of our family LOL. OMG I am glad I live in NY and not CA after seeing those gas prices. I am still enjoying the trip.

  4. LOL, yup we found some of my family too. HA HA HA.
    There were even higher gas prices but didn't get a picture.
    Off in a few hours to drive the rest of Route 66 and further into AZ.

  5. I am glad that you made it through that heat. Loved the pics. Travel safe, Becky

  6. Hi Becky,
    IT is going to be in the upper 90's here but we are headed towards Flagstaff and beyond and I think it is a tad cooler there.
    Thanks for following us,