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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 18

Had a delicious FREE full breakfast buffet at the Motel and left Gallup, NM this morning around 7:25 at a chilly 45 degrees according to the weather station. I hadn't replaced my full finger gloves that I lost at the Utah state line and had to wear my fingerless gloves. Good thing it warmed up in about 50 miles because it was getting cold. Susie had reminded me to replace them many times and of course I just kept putting it off. :^(

We stopped in Milan, NM for gas and went across the road to a neat diner called WOW. I can't remember the name of that type of diner but you can look it up on the internet or maybe someone already knows what they call them. The Prospect Diner in Lake George is the same kind. It was a nice place with GREAT coffee. The coffee most use that we have had since we left is called Farmer's Bros. and is good coffee. Maybe even better than our Paul De Lima up north, but it is at least as good.

We then went to Thunderbird Harley Davidson to see a guy we met in Torrington, WY. He was quite a character and was caught in the hail and wind in Sturgis. He was trying to hold up his tent and the hail was beating the hell out of his hands. His wife finally put a pillow between the top of the tent and his hands. It was a little late because his hands were pretty bruised up. Anyway the guy had just left and wasn't coming back today so we missed him. It wasn't a wasted trip though because I bought a new pair of full fingered gloves while I was there. :^)

Somewhere just before Santa Rosa we see a car all smashed up in the west bound lane. It was headed East and apparently fell asleep or something because he went into the median and rolled it and it landed on it's wheels in the East bound lane. Good thing nobody was coming. Traffic was backed up for miles in that lane.

We checked into a motel in Tucumcari, NM (spelling is correct but no idea how to pronounce) after doing 338 miles. It is a Days Inn and it is OK but probably the worst we have had in 18 days. Just started to unload the Harley and BIG drops of rain started falling. It seems to have passed over now but the weather channel is scrolling severe storm warnings for this area across the screen.

If the weather is good to us tomorrow we should be out of New Mexico, across the top of Texas and into Oklahoma by tomorrow night.

OHHHH by the way it never got over 90 degrees today. That was quite a change.


  1. Great pics again. I love the last one, it looks like a painted picture the colors are amazing. Good thing you took the time and bought the gloves that may be what made you miss the accident. You have been very blessed and watched over this entire trip. Thanks again for the update. Can't wait til the next update.

  2. It must be that Guardian Ride Bell Hoot gave us and the St. Christopher pins from Wayne.

  3. Remember a time we woke up in Gallup, NM and it was 28 degrees... Knew we were in the wrong part of the country...

    Thanks, Mac's still so/so; had the chance for both of us to sleep most of the day...

    He checked the map and the only way of getting out of here is thru the 'twisties'... Decided we'll do a short ride back to Grants Pass but take our time through the 'Redwoods' again...

    Say 'hi' to Texas for us when you pass through... We're headed back home for a short period but will take our time...

    Have fun and be safe... BTW, think we stayed at that Day's Inn too...

  4. Peggy,
    45 is bad enough, 28 is ridiculous. haha It probably did Mac and you good to get some extra rest. We will say Hi to Texas for you even though we won't be going down your way. Have a nice ride through the Redwoods and tell Mac to not over do it. Hope he gets 100%.
    Ride safe,
    Albert and Susie