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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 9 Vega, TX - Grants, NM 413 miles

  Up this morning early and the temperature was 70*. We threw the bags over the iron horse and my pardner and I hit the trail. We rode out of Vega in the cover of darkness trying to hit the New Mexico border by first light. We succeeded........:^)

  OK, enough of that! We did leave the motel around 5:20 and it was still dark. Our first stop was to get gas and then find the Mid Point Cafe which is half way between Chicago and Los Angeles 1139 miles either way. I wish the cafe would have been open but we didn't want to wait until 8:00 when it did open.

  We got into New Mexico and stopped at Russell's Travel Center. What a place that is. It has only been open for 18 days so if you are traveling West in New Mexico from Texas, stop and check it out. It is loaded with 50's and 60's stuff, has a truckers lounge , laundry mat, chapel, convenient store, Subway, and Russell's Cafe that is like and old 50's diner and huge.

  We went through Tucumcari, NM that is loaded with things and place from the old Route 66 boom days. It is quite a trip down 66 through there and probably one of the best kept sections of 66. Actually a trip through the 40 Business Loop would give you a good look at what touring Route 66 is all about.

  We run into several nice people again today. Bikers and non bikers. There are some nice people out there. Ok, it is getting late so I will shorten this up and get to Susie's highlight of the day. Mine too actually.
  We took the Santa Fe loop following the Santa Fe Trail and made a swing back around down the Turquoise Trail. What beautiful country that is . New Mexico is nice but that area is awesome. You expect the Calvary or a group of Indians to come riding at you at any moment and constantly on the look out for smoke signals from one of the many buttes and bluffs. :^)

  So the Turquoise Trail (NM 14) going south from Santa Fe will take you to the little town of Madrid, NM. For those of you that don't know, the movie Wild Hogs had quite a bit of action in that town. It is a good movie and I think you would like it if you haven't watched it. OK, Maggie's Main Street Diner played a big part in the movie. It is an awesome place even though it is a store and not a diner.

The owner told us that the producers of the movie built the diner on a vacant lot that they owned next to their store. You guessed it. Now Honore & Hugh Hacket own the diner that is next to their store. This is a link to their store.  Honore is a very nice woman that is good about telling the story of the place and will even offer to take your picture and we took hers.

  Susie got to sit in the exact place in a booth that John Travolta sat in during the movie. That really made her day and it made mine just to see the place. Actually that is why we took the Santa Fe loop and it was worth every mile of it.

  So tonight we are in Grants, NM at the Best Western Grants Inn. We stayed her last year but we were headed East. We got here just in time before a big rain storm hit. The desk clerk told us to park the Harley under the roof by the window so it would be out of the rain. Also they can keep an eye on it. Oh and guess what ? Another group of around 20 or so riders from Norway showed up and are spending the night and this isn't the group we see in Weatherford, OK.

 We are now 2 hours behind you folks.
  Everyone have a good night and take care.
  Albert and Susie


  1. Glad to see that you are still having a terrific time. I love following you. Can't wait to read the next experience. Love Ya, Aunt Peg

  2. I love that diner--even tho it looks big it looks cozy at the same time. You don't have to worry about the Indians, Miranda called ahead of time and told them you were coming and you two were good people..LOL Wild Hogs was one of JR's favorite movies:)The view looks amazing too.Can't wait til tomorrow. Safe riding, Love ya's

  3. You rode a bunch of miles today but then again, you are always up and out so early... If someone like me was traveling in an RV, have you seen a fantastic spot for me to stay for a month or two...? I won't be west 'til Sept or Oct - somewhere around that time...

    In cooler weather does it get colder up in that section of the country...? How about mountains/hills - are you in the higher elevations...?

    I can't find my stuff to look it up - lol...

    That sure is a big diner - are those going to be throughout the country in the future...?

    Have fun and be safe,


  4. Hi Al & Sue
    Thank you for your lovely comments on New Mexico, Madrid of course Maggies Diner. It was nice meeting you and I love your blog.
    Drive safe,stay dry and watch out for the tourists on the wrong side of the road !
    Honore & Hugh Hackett

  5. Aunt Peggy,
    Yes we are still having a good time and enjoying the scenery we like New Mexico and Arizona.

    Wild Hogs was a funny movie.We have watched it 2 or 3 times.

    Peggy cubbear,
    A lot of the riding was I-40 today since Route 66 is under it:^) also the loop was good roads. Honore said it it snows in Madrid and they need heat. Madrid is a little over 6000'. That is the first Russell's Travel Center I remember seeing.

    You are welcome and it was nice meeting you too. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Albert and Susie

  6. Hey Suz and Albert you guys look like you are having the time of your life, and it is so nice that you are letting us follow you also. this is great, makes me want to get out and go. who-hoo. thanks guys, your the best.

  7. Hi Jayne,
    We are having a lot of fun. Thanks a bunch for following along. It makes it even more fun.

  8. AWESOME Trip so far. You are a good story teller Albert! lol :D

    Deb M.

  9. :) Thanks Deb M. Ya he is some story teller. :)