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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 28 Black River Falls, WI - Howe, IN 418 miles

  We left this morning at 7:25 and the temperature 68*. It was foggy but you could see a ways so we decided to try it and just pull off for coffee if it was too bad.   At breakfast this morning we met a couple from the Chicago area and had a good visit with them. Richard and Marion was there names. Richard came out when we were loading the bike and gave us a paper with their name and email addy. He said if we were ever in North Chicago area and needed anything even a place to stay or whatever to let him know. So two more nice people we have met since we left. We gave him the address to our blog and he is going to check that out too.
  It turned out to be a real nice day and nice and comfortable riding. We went into Illinois and headed for Indiana. We got into some heavy traffic going around Chicago but it never really came to a dead stop so that was good. So we got to see Chicago without actually going in. Susie wasn't happy that we went across the skyline bridge again but found out it wasn't as bad this time. Must be all the mountain roads with drop offs cured her of her fear of heights a little bit.
  So now we are at the Best Western Howe Inn in Howe, IN and I think we are going to Sturgis for dinner. No, not Sturgis,SD but Sturgis, MI. We are in Indiana and the Comfort Suites across the road is in Michigan. So that is pretty cool....we woke up in Wisconsin, got gas in Illinois, had lunch in Indiana and dinner in Michigan and staying in Indiana.
  Hope everyone is doing well.
  Albert & Susie
Video of Chicago, IL


  1. So I am taking it that the Skyline bridge is pretty high up??? Did you get some good pics of it?? How is the arm Susie?? Great pics again. That is pretty cool how you are in one state and across the road is another one. Be Safe and Love Ya's

  2. I just watched the video with Nicholas and he and says whats that..I told him it was Aunt Susie and Uncle Albert on the bike taping lots of cars he says "OOOHHHH" Now Albert why did you stay behind all those cars??There was room in between them for you to go..LOL Just kidding.. Seeing that video was like driving through Syracuse a few times over and over again. That is one big City.

  3. are on the homestretch! Looks and sounds like you had another great day! My vacation is about over:( I am sad.....would LOVE to retire,BUT not just yet!! Albert it is getting closer for us to call it quits!! ~Suzann~

  4. Hi Susie and Al,

    Susie, he's just trying to make you feel better about riding those high bridges referring back to the mountains and no guard rails, etc... I don't care what anyone says - they are high and they can be scary... My salvation was using the camera, taking pictures - then I couldn't sit still trying to take the 'perfect' shot...

    Al, when you said this: '...we woke up in Wisconsin, got gas in Illinois, had lunch in Indiana and dinner in Michigan and staying in Indiana...' - it must have felt like living up in the Northeast, smiling...

    Question for you: Did you stop and visit the Harley Museum in WI...?

    Still hot here in Texas, high 90's, supposed to be 97 on Monday...

    I'm trying to get the things I put aside for myself together - like my leather jackets; chaps; helmet; gloves and boots... Boots, I can't find any, checked with my neighbor and she was wondering why she had 3 pairs of boots so she'll return a pair... Just not ready to let them go yet...

    Have a special place in the RV where I'll keep them - supposed to pick it up this week if everything is okay with it... When I'm in Connecticut I hope we get the chance to meet...

    Take care, have fun, enjoy and be safe...


  5. Tammy,
    Ya we got some photos.
    The arm is sore but ok.
    Looks like LOTS of rain in NY. Drat.

    Thanks. It has been great.
    I was thinking of you the other day and how I knew your vacation was about over.
    I hope retirements gets here quickly for you.

    Yes, Albert is trying to cure me and it has worked a little. :)
    Thanks for following us all along.

  6. Suzann,
    Yup getting closer everyday to retirement. It won't be long for either of us.

    Peggy cubbear,
    Nope we didn't go to the museum. I originally thought about it but changed my mind. My oldest son bought me a book on the history of Harley Davidson so I know about it and can read it again. I figured with all the extras for the bike and tshirts, etc. I give them enough money. The museum should be free. :^)


  7. Well your roadtrip is almost over and I know you guys wish it could continue. You've taken some awesome pics and meet some nice people. Thanks for taking all of us on your journey, I don't think I'll ever get the chance to do anything like that.

    Deb M.

  8. Hi Deb,
    Yup it's almost over. We will be home today.
    Thanks for following us along. :)
    We gotta get together when things calm down.