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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 22 Columbia Falls, MT - Great Falls, MT 239 miles

  We slept in this morning until 6:00. WOW!!!! It must be the hour we lost yesterday. When we started out it was 47* and when we got further up in Glacier National Park it went as low as 34* and was up to 75* by the time we left the park.
  Cubbear, you are right about the Going-to-the-Sun-Road. It is one awesome 50 miles of sights that are unbelievable. We rode it from the West Gate to St. Mary's in the East. If anyone gets the chance to make this drive I highly recommend it. Pictures can't take in what you can see with your own eyes.
  We are told that a few years ago they were thinking of shutting the road down. Then through some grants, etc. that started a 10 year project in 2008 to restore the guardrails and the road. In my opinion it is a worthy project and hopefully it will be completed.
  Eventually Susie will give the link to every picture we take and have taken on our trip. She also did a few videos of the trip and maybe they will be on her picture site. Here are a few for now of today's ride.
  Tonight we are in Great Falls, MT at the Best Western Heritage Inn.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Wish I was with you guys. I have been following you since day 1.

  2. Susie and Al, fantastic pictures, even though it was cool at least it was clear... Susie, I thought you were afraid of heights - you have more guts than me... Glad you found it a worthwhile ride not to miss... Al, you said you exited through St Mary on the eastern side - that's where we entered (our pictures, 2009-08-13-A, etc, #'s 68 - 74 of 100)... Another year riding West to East we had to lay over in Kalispel for 1 week as snow storm - rode southern route around Glacier coming out into town of East Glacier Park and another snow storm - when we continued East, there was 4' of snow piled alongside the road so I'm not sure if 'Highway to the Sun' is closed during the winter... Believe we were headed for Americade - the long way, on the Sportster...

    Tomorrow as you continue East will you be riding through town of 'Moore' (87/191) - I see it on the map - that's my last name...

    It's wonderful following your route - brings back awesome memories...

    Enjoy, have fun and be safe,


  3. Laurie,
    The sights are awesome and you should do it. You just have to say you aren't going to put it off and go. :^)
    Glad you like following the blog. Susie started it last year so people could keep up with our trip and it saved us from calling 15 - 20 people every night to tell them we were OK. LOL!
    Take care,

  4. Peggy cubbear,
    A guy from Alberta told us at the motel this morning that we had an excellent day for the ride. I thought he was crazy because it was so cold. He was right though. Like you said, it was clear, and it did warm up nice once the sun got high enough to shine on us. A woman in Valier,MT were we had lunch said that the park got 3" of snow on Friday so I guess the weather is being good to us again this year. Another woman said today was the first day in 3 days that it hasn't rained. :^)
    You sure do have some memories and I am glad between our trip and your pictures on your site, you can visit the memories often.
    I don't think we will ever come close to the trips and adventures that you and Mac had. :^)
    Take care girl and be careful with that motor home.

  5. Glad that the weather cooperated for you, that road is stunning and we oohed and ahhed at every turn! Stay safe, Becky

  6. Cubbear,
    I am afraid of heights but it seems to be getting a tad easier as Albert MAKES me go on those high mountain rides. :) Sometimes you just have to go beyond what you think you can. Thanks for following us. :)

  7. Hi Becky,
    I never knew you traveled this far or that much. Glad I had the same experience as you.
    Thanks for following us,

  8. Hi Sue and Albert,
    Sue that looks like a scarrrrry place to be sitting. I would be afraid of falling off. I guess those fears come with age. hehe

  9. OMG..I think these may be one of my top pics. The scenery is georgeous:) I love the one with the water coming onto the road. I am guessing it is a spring??Each picture I look at I keep going oh wow. It is one beautiful place. Be safe and love yas

  10. Tammy,
    I think it is snow and glacier melt and run off.

  11. Peggy,
    I was afraid but did it anyway. :)