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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 10 Grants, NM - Winslow, AZ 268 miles

  Had full breakfast buffet this morning and chatted with the leader of the Norwegian group then left Grants this morning at 7:10 and the temp was 58*.  We got a lot of rain during the night so we put on our rain gear before we even left. The roads were wet and wet roads make for wet clothes on a bike.
  We stopped at the Continental Divide for some pictures after taking pictures along Route 66.
Then we went to Gallup, NM which still has a lot of the original business on Route 66 operating.

Gallup is also the location of the El Rancho Hotel that used to be a home to the movie stars when they were filming in the area. Some of the stars included John Wayne, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Errol Flynn, Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart also President Reagan and Eisenhower stayed there.

  Shortly after leaving Gallup we crossed the Arizona State line and stopped at a truck stop for coffee. We had the nice greeting of a free cup of coffee. What a good way to start a visit.

  Then we took a side trip to Window Rock on the Navajo Nation. Window Rock, the town, is the Capitol of the Navajo Nation. Apparently the natives or someone doesn't want people to find it. Most of the directions to it were painted over with spray paint. You can still find it if you are looking carefully for it, or have Susie as a navigator. :^)

  Next stop was the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. We had lunch at the Visitors Center Restaurant and Susie looked at the clock and noticed it was only 11:05. Arizona doesn't acknowledge daylight savings time so we gained another hour. While we were eating the group of 25 Harleys from Norway caught up to us and came in for lunch. We probably won't see them again as they were headed for Williams and the Grand Canyon today. Then again they are staying 3 days in Las Vegas, NV so maybe we will.

  Then we went to Holbrook where we were going to stay at the Wigwam Motel but they were packed. I guess they are booked a week or two in advance.

  Then we were off to Jack Rabbit and then into Winslow, AZ were we are staying at the Best Western Winslow Inn. We went to go to Walmart and turned around because of a down pour and got back to the motel only slightly soaked.. If it dries up later we maybe be standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona. If not then tomorrow. Now we do the laundry and take a shower.

Albert and Susie


  1. Jack-a-lopes, Eagle's music, it just doesn't get any better! Lov'n the commentary. Yesterday's was very funny, ya old cowboys! haha!

  2. Julie,
    Still havin' fun. Glad ya like it. LOL! It would have been nice to stay in a wigwam but they don't have internet service. haha

  3. Now why would I say those towns sound familar...? Continental Divide I made a show ball and played in the snow - don't know if I had ever heard of it before...

    Woke up in Gallup and was 26 degrees - knew we were in the wrong area - was cold...

    Winslow, too - remember that name... So glad you're having so much fun... Had 'crash course' on my RV (to know how everything operates) - mercy...

    Take care, be safe,


  4. Loving the pics. I can't get over how beautiful the view is. Susie you just can't get enough of those animals can ya:)LOL Can't wait til the next ones. Be safe, Love ya's

  5. Tammy,
    Thanks. It is really something out here. AZ is one of our favorite states. :)
    LOL, I have to play while I'm here. :)
    Thanks, love ya too,

  6. Peggy cubbear,
    26 degrees brrrrrrrrr!! It is 65 right now in Winslow. We will probably stay in Kingman tonight at the same place as last year. Right across the road from where you stayed last year. If I remember right, we missed each other by about 2 weeks. You be careful with that motor home too.
    Al and Susie
    I just looked it up. You were there on the 26th of August and we were there on the 16th.