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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 24 West Yellowstone, MT - Laurel, MT 234 miles

  Left the motel and temperature was 39* at 7:30 this morning. Well we ended up going into Yellowstone again and hit construction in the park twice. It took us 6 hours to go 116 miles. Of course the max speed in the park is 45 MPH. BUT.....did we see some sites. It was colder so the geysers were really smokin'. We see elk, bears and thousands of buffalo. When we see the bears they were pretty close to the road and a bunch of cars stopped to look and I am thinking, HEY!!! we are on a motorcycle folks. We I guess it wasn't "folks" that I called them but it is close.
  We went out the Northeast Gate across Rt. 212 which is also Bear Tooth Scenic Byway. We thought the Going-to-the-Sun Highway was awesome. This highway has some scenery that you wouldn't believe unless you see it. It is also a motorcycle riders dream. The switch backs and curves are wicked and so is the scenery.
   So after 9 hours on the road we are here in Laurel, MT at the Best Western Yellowstone Crossing. Time for a shower and some supper. :^)
  Albert & Susie
Here is a short video of Bear Tooth Scenic Highway:


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Great pictures, sorry about the slow travel, yes, time to say 'eek' will they please start moving...?

    Love the GPS shot - had to put my 'cheater' glasses on looked like bugs bunny with a bad hair day.... And I'm supposed to understand that, hmmm, I'm too old for that 'new fangled' stuff, laughing...

    Keep warm, enjoy, have fun and be safe...


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    Maps are still a good choice.:^)

  3. Love the pics. I still can't get over how beautiful the scenery is. I seen your GPS and all I could say was holly shit!!!! I loved the video..What are you complaining about being on a bike with the bears you can out run him then, that poor guy was walking LOL:) Be safe and Love yas

  4. Tammy,
    Yup Montana is one beautiful state.
    Well Albert passed everyone instead of waiting to see if she would attack. :) She had her babies with her. You know how Mom's can be. LOL.
    Thanks and have a nice rest of your week.

  5. Great pictures. I wouldn't want to be on the back of a motorcycle with Bob driving on those roads.. He scares me sometime in the car going thru the adirondacks...hehe
    Have a great day today. Waiting for your next post...always wanted to go to Montana and Utah. Probably in my next trip, Love you both. Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob..

  6. Aunt Peg & Uncle Bobby..haha
    That's funny and it sure is nice in Montana. Utah was nice last year too. Seems everyone in the Provo area has a mountain in their back yard.:^)