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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 25 Laurel, MT - Bismark, ND 439 miles

  Well we left the motel this morning and it was a heat wave. The temperature 64* and our first stop was Walmart down the road a ways for some water and batteries. Susie has been shooting 200 - 400 pictures a day and a few videos sometimes too, so we are eating up the batteries.
  The trip out of Montana was scenic and when we hit North Dakota it stayed real nice. We went through grasslands, canyons and what resembled the Badlands of South Dakota. It seems to have flattened out now and tomorrow will know for sure.
  It was a nice day of great scenery and we stopped in a couple of small towns for coffee, eats, etc. There are a lot of friendly people around the country. We also met a nice black lab dog called Maggie in Custer, MT population 145. Someplace on I-94 we passed the Oak Ridge Boys too.
  We are in Bismark, SD at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel. I think we were the only ones checking in that didn't have business suits on. I guess they have some kind of investment conference in the morning. Oh and by the way. This place is even has a small water fun park INSIDE by the pool area.
  Have a good night.
Albert & Susie


  1. Hi you two. Beautiful pictures again. Susie you are becoming a professional photographer. I liked that black lab. Reminded me of our Carrie, Except Carrie was a lot fatter. We still miss her, although Bubba has more than filled that void. Did you see anyone in the Oak Ridge Boys RV? Talk to you again soon Safe riding...
    Love ya, Peg and Bob

  2. Love the pics..what is that thing withwhat looks like a bunch of birds??? Dod the Oakridge boys wave to ya?? Be Safe, Love yas

  3. I meant did they wave not dod:) LOL

  4. Hi Aunt Peg,
    I enjoy taking the photos. :) Thanks. Not bad for taking them at 80 miles per hour. :)
    Nope we couldn't see inside the tour buses but it was neat that we knew they were in there.

    The birds was a huge metal artwork that we saw. :)
    Nope we didn't see the Oakridge Boys. The tour buses had dark windows.

  5. Hi Susie and Al,

    Have to ask you: what is that 'thing' in the picture with the birds/ducks in North Dakota...?

    Did you know you are almost straight north of me, only about 1,554 miles and a number of states...? Just a hop, skip and jump - kidding...

    I wish we had such a 'heat wave' - has still been hot here in Texas along with a few sprinkles today which made it more muggy...

    Have fun, enjoy yourselves and be safe...


  6. Susie, sorry I wasn't paying attention so hadn't seen your earlier reply regarding the 'metal art'...

    Know we saw so many of the 'ducks' throughout that area (and further north) rather than 'birds' as they came out of Canada or the other way around...


  7. wow, it looks beautiful there! did you go through Sioux Falls, or are you going to? one of my favorite bands is from there, maybe you'll see their tour bus too! that maggie is almost as cute as ours :] can't wait til your home, we miss you more everyday!

  8. Erica,
    No Sioux Falls this year, but we did last year. Miss you guys too. Give Drew a hug for me. We are in Minnesota now.

  9. Hi Erica,
    Miss all of you too. :)