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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 15 Glendora,CA - Morro Bay, CA 261 miles

  Left Glendora at 5:50 this morning and headed for the end of Route 66 at Santa Monica Pier.
The weather this morning was a cool 58* which was a little chilly. Right now it is 55* at Morro Bay and is expected to go down to 48* tonight. It must be common temps because our room has heat but no air conditioner.

Oh and this is where we ate lunch and supper last night. Awesome food. The fries are so good that is all we had for supper.

  We got to Pasadena and rode down the street the Tournament of Roses Parade is on. Susie got pics of the Wrigley Mansion that was donated to the city of Pasadena to be headquarters for the parade.

  Next was Hollywood and the Hollywood sign and the corner of Hollywood and Vine. There are more homeless people in Hollywood than I have ever seen. It was the first time Susie or I saw someone actually eating out of a garbage can.

  Then we were off to Beverly Hills and a trip down Rodeo Drive.
Here is a video:

A very nice city and clean too. Many mansions and many parks along Santa Monica Blvd. We felt like the Beverly Hillbillies except we were on a Harley. :^)

 Finally we reached the end of Route 66 and the Santa Monica Pier. It is quite a place and even though we were there early in the morning there were a lot of people there. We met a nice couple that asked where we were from and where we were going. She was from New Zealand  and   told us she tells her husband she can see it from the pier. hahaha

  We also met a life guard named Bruno that went to school at SUNY Ithaca and had a good friend that was still in Syracuse, NY. We talked with him for quite a while and he took our picture on the beach.

  Then we headed North on Highway 1 and 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) up the coast of California. What a difference from the Mohave Desert we crossed coming from Las Vegas. Also as I have already mentioned the temperature is quite different too. It is 64* cooler than when we were in Las Vegas two days ago.

  That is it for today. Tomorrow we keep going up the coast and hopefully it won't be so cloudy and foggy.
Take care
Albert & Susie
Ronn..........Tyrade shirt on the Pier in Santa Monica. :^)


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Great pictures as usual... Have to ask you about Morro Bay - is there a boulder or big rock that's out in the Pacific that can be seen from the road...? Number of years ago I remember riding that way; it was windy and cold - I was so glad when Mac pulled into a restaurant so we could get some hot coffee or soup then we headed inland, maybe I-5 and north... Back here in Texas we could use some of that cooler air... Enjoy and be safe...


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    Yup a big rock. It is called Morro Rock and is part of a volcanic eruption. They call it a volcanic plug and it it 576 feet high. We are staying right across the road from it. 101 took us inland yesterday around a military installation and it was quite a bit warmer.
    Take care,

  3. WOW, loved the pics, especially from the last 2 days, just beautiful. Looks like you are having such a great time. Sooooo.... much to see. I loved the video of Rodeo Drive, always wanted to see that, thanks for sharing. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!

  4. wow, i can't believe you're at the end of route 66, that's so awesome!!! oh, and if you can fit that mansion in your saddle bags, i'd appreciate it! :D we miss you guys but glad you're having fun!!!

  5. hi this is eddie looks like you are having fun good glad you are we are all doing good well i will talk to you later oh my test came back ok take care and be safe eddieand heatherand girls

  6. Blue Jay,
    Yes so much too see and so many miles to go. :) We are having SO very much fun and it is great to have you following along. :)

    Yup the end of Route 66. I'm still looking for the signs to follow though. LOL.
    I'd love to give you that Mansion if I could. Be sure to check out today's (Monday's) post to see some Elephant Seals. :)
    Love you miss you guys too,

    Hi Eddie and family. :)
    Thanks and SO very glad to hear that your test came back ok. Nice to have you following us.

  7. Blue,
    Beverly Hills is nice. Hollywood isn't so nice.

    If I could get it to fit I would bring it for you. It is nice.

    Eddie, Heather & girls,
    Heather told me your test came back good. That is good. I keep in touch with Heather on facebook and she keeps me up to date on you. :^) You guys take care.


  8. Love the pics...I thought CA was warmer?? Don't forget..Pretty Women shopped on Rodeo DR Baby.LOL

  9. Tammy,
    It is warmer inland but we drove ocean side most of the time. :)
    Where have you been? :)