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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 12 Kingman, AZ - Needles, CA 55 miles

  Short mileage day today. We got up this morning and decided to wait for the Powerhouse Route 66 Museum in Kingman to open so we could check it out. It opens at 9 AM, so while we were waiting Susie did the laundry up and I cleaned up the bike after we had breakfast.
As always click to enlarge photos:

  The museum was nice with history of Route 66  and the dust bowl times of the Grapes of Wrath. There were some real nice exhibits and some nice pictures of some not so nice times. Route 66 was first called The Mother Road by Steinbeck in The Grapes of Wrath.

  After that we left for Oatman, AZ which is called the ghost town that won't die. It was an old gold mining town and after the gold rush the miners let their burros go. Now newer generations of the burros come into town everyday to be fed by the tourist. It is a nice little town that has become a tourist attraction.

  Then we headed to Needles, CA to our motel after a bumpy HOT ride of only 55 miles and the temp is 115* in Needles. You can't go very fast because of the curves and bumps but it is a very nice ride with some great scenery.

  Take care,
  Albert & Susie

  We checked into our room at 12 Noon, to cool off and rest up for tomorrow and Las Vegas, NV.


  1. Joan 'Chips' HawleyAugust 5, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    Vegas, baby!!!!! I read the whole post, but all I remember is Vegas!!!!!

  2. Joan,
    You are too funny. Thanks again for following us. :)

  3. I can't believe you've already made it to California. Seems like you just hit the road yesterday. Have a Blast in Vegas!

  4. Hi there Elizabeth,
    Good to hear from you. Yup we are in CA. :) We don't mess around. LOL.
    Thanks for following along,

  5. Only 5 miles...are you getting old Albert....and it's not too hot..what a 110 degrees.....awww thats nothing we had 89 here

    Larry Martin

  6. Hi Susie and Al,

    Love the pictures - the one with the pickups packed to the 'gills' shows a different type of transportation... Okay, can you answer these questions - someone who travels should know them, I didn't:

    4) Want to stop at a rest stop for a stretch and smoke? Not in this state! Smoking is banned at rest stops on all interstate highways within this state. Signs are posted “No Smoking on any of the rest stop grounds.” This includes the parking lot for both cars and trucks. It states smoking can only be done within the enclosure of your vehicle. The sign also encourages people to phone in violators. What state would this be?

    A) Arizona

    B) Iowa

    C) North Dakota

    D) Texas

    E) New Hampshire

    6) Travelling around the country you notice that there are white center lines and there are yellow. Do the colors of these have any significance?

    A) Yes, the yellow is used for two way traffic roadways and the white for same direction

    B) Yes, white is used for interstates while state roads and all others are yellow

    C) No, it varies by state and is not relevant

    D) Yellow is used for speed zones and white is not

    Have fun, be safe and win some for me in LV...


  7. Wasn't that road hot to sit on Susie? YOWCH!! Ian says that you are slacking off only doing 55 miles. DOn't spend too much in Vegas. Becky

  8. Peggy cubbear,
    Iowa.....I cheated and looked it up.

    I am going to guess B on the lines.

  9. Hi Becky,
    Yes the road was very hot but I didn't care. :)
    The heat was so scorching. It was like a blow torch. 55 miles was actually almost too many.

  10. Oh and Becky it is so hot here there are times are camera overheats and won't work.
    Poor camera. LOL,

  11. Al,

    Second question - wrong... It's A.

    Thought you'd figure out Iowa - I had said New Hampshire as haven't been there very much...

    Seeing you did so good I'll have to ask you some more - when I find them...


  12. Love the pics. The one with the old trucks is really cool. Also I really like the one of you Susie sitting on the road. Sounds like you had a great day, even though you didn't go far. Sometimes you have to slow down or stop and smell the roses, or in your case see the US. LOL
    Be safe, Love ya's

  13. It was a real good day.
    Thanks again for following us.
    You going down to see Dad again today or no? Just wondering.
    Have a nice weekend,