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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 30 Consantia, NY - De Kalb Jct., NY 115 miles

  We see Melissa off to work and then packed the motorcycle. Then we said good-bye to Andy and Mason and headed for I-81 North.
  The ride to Watertown wasn't too bad even though the road was wet for a while. We pulled into Sugar Creek at the intersection of 37 and 342 just in time for it to start raining. DEJA VU!!!!!!!!! Seems it was like that last year except Julie came to escort us home.
  Well from Watertown North to De Kalb Jct. it didn't get any better. When we pulled into Gouveneur, NY it really opened up and started pouring so hard I couldn't see. We pulled into the old NESCO Yamaha dealer and I told Susie to hold on and I pulled up on the porch out of the rain. We waited about 15 minutes and it let up enough to head out again. So just like last year the longest period of rain we rode in for the whole trip was from Watertown to home in De Kalb Jct.
  Ronn our youngest son and his wife Erica and our Grandson Drew stopped on their way home from Old Forge where they were on a 4 day weekend at Water Safari. They took Erica's mom Joan with them and they all had a good time. Joan didn't want to get her picture taken but it was good to see her anyway. It had been a while.
  So the trip is over. We made it home safe. We had a lot of followers and we are finding out we had more than we thought. I hope you all enjoyed the trip as much as we did.
  Until the next time..........take care.
  Albert & Susie

:^(  No Julie and Susie by the pole this year :^(


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Congratulations on a great trip - you both have seen some wonderful country and experienced things so many folks never will...

    Have to say, no matter how long we were gone we'd always hit a heavy rain-storm within 10 miles of home - was like, 'welcome back'...

    Looks like my RV will be ready tomorrow... I've been looking on the computer for a 'nice' place out west to spend a couple months (Feb/Mar) when one of my sisters visits me for 6 weeks - looks like Las Vegas is going to be the place...

    Do you have any suggestions...?

    Take care, both of you still enjoy whatever you are doing and be safe...


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    Thanks and yup I guess it is a welcome home. It cleared off though and I got the lawns mowed.

    Las Vegas area is nice.

    Take care and drive careful. Keep us updated when you are travelling.

  3. You all look great. To bad you got caught in the rain again this year. We were in Richville, and it rained all day yesterday. Still raining today. Robin and Tara were here from Va. so we spent half the afternoon Sunday playing UNO. It was fun

  4. Aunt Peggy,
    We went through Richville around 9:50 this morning. Glad you had fun at Blue's.

  5. LOL! I recognize the St. Lawrence County sign! I believed we stopped there last year too!! Yep, the pole looked lonely! You guys look great, and welcome home!

  6. Hi Julie,
    Yup the same WET sign.

  7. WELCOME HOME!!! Glad you had such a wonderful trip and that you are home safe. Had a great trip with ya too! :-)

  8. Thanks Blue, glad you enjoyed the ride. :^)