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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 23 Great Falls, MT - West Yellowstone, MT 329 miles

  We left Great Falls at 7:10 and the temperature was 47* but warmed up pretty good by 10 or so.
The ride was great even though we had to travel through 10 miles of road construction.
We got to West Yellowstone and we couldn't get in a room so we decided to go and tour some of Yellowstone Park while we were waiting. They recommend you spend 3 days to tour the park. Well we aren't going to take 3 days so we headed straight for Old Faithful because that is what we knew and what we wanted to see. Well we found out at the Basin of Geysers (or something like that) about what time Old Faithful would "go off" again.
  We see some elk and deer on the way. Got some pictures of them and some other nice scenery on the way. We also got some real nice photos between Great Falls and here. We got to Old Faithful and found out we missed it by 5 minutes and the next time would be between an hour and an hour and a half. It seems Old Faithful isn't as faithful as it use to be. So we went to the lodge and got a coffee and went down to sit and wait for it.
  We met 6 retired NYC Fire Dept. Retired guys on Harleys that had just come from Sturgis and were going to check out a few more sites before heading home. What a crew they were. It was a good day and we are in West Yellowstone for the night at the Best Western Weston Inn. There are two other Best Western's that I can see from this one. This seems to be a nice quiet place and so far we are the youngest ones I have seen here. I will probably get comments on that but I will leave it anyway. :^)
  We are thinking of going back through Yellowstone Park on the way out to Wyoming, Montana and into North Dakota. We are also thinking of going through Wyoming to South Dakota and then North Dakota. I guess we will have to know by morning. LOL!!!
  OH...ya....the rain hit just as we got back and under the carport at the motel. We lucked out again.
  Take care,
Albert & Susie

Video of Old Faithful here:

Lots of photos! 


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Just love the picture of the 'new' road where you are behind the 'pilot car'... Mac hated those when we were on the two wheels... Question for you: Can see your GPS - what kind are you using and do you like it...? As you know, I never had to 'plan' any route but have to now so looking for suggestions... I need something that is easy to use and not complicated...

    Yellowstone is beautiful - we didn't get to the 'hot' thing as too much traffic - but was great riding through the park... It's all so amazing...

    Enjoy, have fun and be safe,


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    It's a Garmin Nuvi 550 and is waterproof. You don't really need a waterproof one though. I would suggest that you buy an inexpensive one and play around with it BEFORE you actually need it. They aren't too bad to learn but I am still learning with ours. Of course as you know I don't like to read directions.

  3. Love following you. The pictures are better than what you would see in ads and magazines and books, because they are taken by someone you know and some that ads never take. Love it!!!
    Did yo see the post I put in about your dad? I think it was the day you told about the stories. Maybe the 14th? Keep having a great time and stay safe. Love you, Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob..

  4. Great pics of course! and of course I'm JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS! ;p

  5. Peggy,
    Yes, I see your post and thought I answered but I must have forgot to hit submit when I did. Sorry about that. You might have to tell him who you are but he would remember then. When Tammy goes down he says he should know her, but can't put a name on her. When she tells him her name, he says." Yessss you are Albert's sister. Where are they now?"

  6. It is georgeous there. I had heard of the boiling water coming from the ground but thought it was fiction, guess I should have paid attention in history class:) LOL Be safe and Love yas