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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 18 Crescent City, CA - Salem, OR 290 miles

We left this morning after breakfast and laundry again. Decided to do laundry to let the mist settle a little and when we left it was 54*. It warmed up fairly fast as we moved inland on  199 heading for I-5 and North to Grants Pass. I would say that the twisty, winding 199 was one of the best rides I have done. Real nice mountain and river scenery and some kind of hairy curves. Today was pretty much a riding day with gas stops, lunch and a stop at Walmart in Grants Pass, OR for more water, batteries, granola bars, and gum.
We are in Salem, OR at the Best Western Black Bear Inn. We just got done Skyping with Melissa, Mason, and Andy. It was great to see them. Would love to Skype with Ron, Erica and Drew sometime. :)
Tomorrow we should make it Seattle, WA and start heading east on our leg home and hopefully find a dealer to service the Harley.
Al & Susie


  1. Hi Al and Susie, love your pictures of the 'Black Bear Inn' is there a 'Black Bear Diner' somewhere near where you are traveling - I got a T-shirt from them - has a bear riding a motorcycle and says "Bearalleling Along" - shirt I kept...

    Nice write-up too - road sounded familar from what I looked at yesterday - from our site I copied this out:

    '...We took the time to visit a Wal-Mart which is in the area - had a list of things to pick up and they usually have the brand I'm looking for...


    Wal-Marts is a huge/modern store with plenty of people (or a lot) shopping - don't see any recession here... We were able to get all of what we were looking for even some yummy things to bring back to the motel for our dinner/supper... Not really into eating too much anyway - especially Mac...


    We rode back on Hwy 199 through Redwood National Park - taking more pictures of the huge trees - I'm sure there are other areas to see them but this was enough for us... Didn't seem to take as long riding north as it did when we were riding south the other day...

    Yes, I dressed 'somewhat' warm when we left - was in high 50's - believe it was 80+ when we rode into Grant Pass...'

    What I remember is it sure was gorgeous... Have fun, enjoy and be safe...


  2. Looks like a fun place! It is still beautiful at the lake. We are having a good time.We had massages on the lake today! Continue to enjoy your trip! ~Suzann~

  3. Peggy cubbear,
    I didn't see a diner around by that name but it doesn't mean it isn't here. hahaha
    Thanks for the comments and the Walmart was pretty packed today when we were there. It is 80 here in Salem right now at 6:15 PM.
    You take care,

  4. Suzann,
    We are having fun and glad to hear it is nice on the lake. I know how you like to fish. Massages on the lake. Good for you. That's sounds awesome.
    Take care and have fun.

  5. Hi you two there in Salem,Or. this is me in Salem NY. And it is 64 degrees at 10:15 pm Got to 85 today. Not quite as muggy. Looks like you are still having a great time. I love all the pictures. Drive careful. Love Aunt Peg

  6. Aunt Peggy,
    Thanks and that's right. We are both in Salem on opposite sides of the country. LOL!

  7. Hi Susie and Albert. Wow it is awfully pretty where you are. Did you see the capital building? Have a great day, Becky

  8. Hi Becky,
    I don't know if we saw it or not. I think so. LOL. We have seen SO much I can't keep track. :)

  9. Your day may have been just riding mostly but you had beautiful scenery. I am glad you are enjoying yourselves. Be Safe, Love yas

  10. Tammy,
    Yes so beautiful. Each state has it's own unique look. Thanks,