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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 13 Needles, CA - Las Vegas, NV 114 miles

  We went to complimentary breakfast at Juicy's Famous River Cafe it is next door to the Best Western and we also had supper there last night. It is a good place to eat.
  Some time around 11:00 last night 40 Harleys with a group from Norway pulled in. It is a different group than we had been seeing. They are headed for the Grand Canyon, Sturgis Rally and then to Amarillo, TX to fly home.
 They were a friendly bunch and we had a good visit inspite of their English and us not talking Norwegian.
Here is a video of them:

    Somewhere between Needles and Vegas a bee flew inside my shirt and stung me a couple of times before loosing his stinger in me and before I could get pulled over. Susie had the Adolf's Tenderizer and Benedryl with us and made a paste from the tenderizer and gave me a pill, pulled the stinger out of me and we were back on the road. She is a good Doctor and found the stuff she packed pretty quick.
  We got to the Super 8 Ellis Island Casino about 9AM, put our stuff away and headed for the Strip.
 It was 105 when we left and 119 when we came back. We took a lot of pictures but couldn't get a video of the fountain at the Belagio this time. All we can figure after putting in several new batteries is that is was too hot and draining the batteries. Oh well we got to watch it and visited with a couple from Ohio that got married a couple of days ago. He is 74 and guessing her to be early to middle 60's. He said how old he was and she didn't.

   We had lunch again at the Harley Davidson Cafe. It is an awesome place and has an awesome BBQ.

  Well that is it for the today. Hope all are doing well.

  Albert & Susie


  1. I loved looking at your pictures...funny seeing things we took pics of this time last week! It was hot when we were there too...but a "dry heat" as they say!! Looks like you guys are having fun!

  2. Joan 'Lucky' HawleyAugust 6, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    Woohoo Vegas!!!!! Wow 119 degrees! That'll melt your tires.

  3. I am soooooooooooo JEALOUS, lol! Great Pics!

    Deb M.

  4. Linda,
    Ya dry heat but still hot. So great that you got to go. :) Loved seeing your photos too.

    Ya so hot. :) Thanks.

    Deb M,
    Thanks! LOL, you just want my M&M's. :)


  5. MY stepson is on his way to Sturgis as well.. Your trip sounds way cooler. Thanks for the updates, I love following your adventure! Misse you at lunch on wednesday, but hey, I think you were having way more fun than we were!

  6. Hi Sue,
    Your stepson will have a blast I'm sure.
    Love having your follow and I missed all of you too. I love the monthly lunch and visits. Sept hopefully but it will be Drew's 8th birthday that day. :)
    Thanks again,

  7. You bet your SWEET ass, LOL

    Deb M.

  8. Sussieeeeeee, put the M & M 's down and walk away, unless you are sending them to me:) LOL Just kidding. I love the pics. I am just amazed on how many wonderful people you guys are meeting. I think that is Great. I watched the video and they all seemed real friendly it also looked like a lot of bikes. I think you said 40, but it looked like a lot more than that. Albert you are being so nice taking someones pic for them, you taught him well Susie:)
    Well be safe and love yas

  9. Susie,

    I love the one of you with the M&M's - at least you picked a 'color' - I wouldn't be able to make up my mind...


    Sorry you got stung this morning that had to sting... I had heard about the tenderizer but never used it - did carry Benedryl with us to... Had a little 'first aid' kit - actually was in a baggie...

    Have fun in that special town...


  10. Cubbear,
    THanks, I always pick out the orange ones first. :)

  11. Peggy cubbear,
    LOL!!!! Our "first aid kit" is in a baggie too.