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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 27 Fergus Falls, MN - Black River Falls, WI 326 miles

   We left our room this morning at 7:25 this morning and it was 69*. The weather man changed our mind of going up to the upper peninsula. They had tornado warnings, hail and severe thunderstorms for the next two days including today. So we headed for Minneapolis,MN and into Wisconsin. We will be headed toward BUT not INTO Chicago. LOL!
  It looked like we were headed for sunny skies and they were for a while. Then it got as dark as night and it came down in buckets in Clearwater, MN. That was an appropriate name for it today anyway. So we held up at a gas station for a while and headed out and it came down again. Then shortly after it stopped raining and got hot and humid.
  It was a pretty good ride in spite of all the rain and we are at the Best Western Arrowhead Lodge & Suites in Black River Falls, WI. Shortly after we got checked in the wind picked up and we got some thunder and lightning. The weather channel says severe storm warnings until 8PM. Let 'em come..........we got a room and there is the Orange Moose Bar & Grill onsite so we don't have to drive to get dinner. They are forecasting a low 70 tonight and sunny tomorrow. :^)
  Albert & Susie


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Ahhh, the rain - so glad someone took a pic of the two of you... I used to say '...I looked like and felt like an overstuffed muffin...' But it certainly was comfortable...

    Okay, Al, what are you doing with the GPS...? Only kidding... Certainly is an 'orange' moose...

    Great pictures - have fun, enjoy and be safe...


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    I like the Road Toad, Frogg Toggs but would rather not need them. hahaha
    I had a loose connection on the GPS and I bit it and it tightened it up. Really, I did. It's sounds funny but true. LOL! We met a nice lady that offered to take our pictures.

  3. Good evening, I love that first picture. It looks like God is going to appear out of the clouds at any time. OK, You probably think I am crazy now.... But I loved it. Aunt Peg..
    Stay safe and enjoy your ride..

  4. Thanks for the "ride." The scenery is beautiful!!!

  5. Sharon,
    Thanks, glad to have you along.

  6. Aunt Peggy,
    LOL!!!As you can see by the next few pictures it wasn't God, it rained like the devil. haha

  7. I guess it did rain. Holy Cow. At least you didn't run into the tornado. The one pic looks like you are driving at night with the skys so dark. Love the pics.So Albert your not going back to Chicago, you probably missed some good scenery there, LOL Be Safe and Love ya's

  8. Hi Tammy,
    We don't know if we should just go ahead and put the rain suits on this morning or not. Foggy for sure.
    I'm not going to Chicago, so if he is I'm getting on a plane. :)
    Thanks kiddo,