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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 26 Bismarck,ND - Fergus Falls, MN 235 miles

  Left our motel this morning at 7:20 and the temperature was 60*. It was foggy and chilly riding. We couldn't see much until almost 10:30. We rode across the rest of North Dakota and into Minnesota. The land was flat, corn and sunflowers and into Minnesota didn't change except a lot of lakes in Minnesota. Actually I think that Minnesota is the Indian name for land of many lakes.
  We checked in early at our motel and had a good visit with Mustang Sally the clerk that checked us in. She used to ride a lot when she was younger and said back then she was a motorcycle mamma. haha. The the General Manager Tom came out and we got talking to him. He mentioned Sturgis last year and we told him we went to Sturgis but stayed in the Best Western in Wall, SD. He said he did too and come to find out after both of us saying it was the day before the baseball size hail, that  he stayed in the same motel the same night as we did. We got a kick out of that. Anyway he gave us a couple of micro fiber towels for the bike with the  Best Western logo and Mustang Sally had already upgraded our room to a suite for no extra charge. They both said if you need anything call. Nice people even without the perks.
  So we checked in early for laundry day and the Harley is filthy with bugs. Montana and North Dakota have more and bigger bugs than anyplace I have seen. Anyway here we are in Fergus Falls, MN at the Best Western The Falls Inn & Suites.
Hope all are doing well.
Albert & Susie


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Still pretty country you are riding through but not like out west... I was going through some albums that are left (I really didn't plan on that) but came across picture of me entering North Dakota (had to be cold and/or windy as I had a scarf over my mouth), was Aug, '07 on our way to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada for a rally... We rode North out of Texas... Told you it was just a 'hop, skip and jump'...

    Have fun, enjoy and be safe,


  2. Peggy cubbear,
    Yes it is pretty country but quite a difference from Montana and the western part of North Dakota. You bet it is a hop, skip and jump, but it is a BIG jump. hahaha
    Take care,
    Al and Susie

  3. Thanks for sharing your roadtrip with us. Your writing and photos make us feel as if we were there :)
    Be safe and continue to have a good time.
    T-bird (and Mustang) on Route 66

  4. Nice pics. I guess it is a small world, who would have thought you would run into someone that stayed in the same hotel, on the same night as you a year ago and didn't even know them. That is awesome. Hope the weather holds off for you tomorrow. Be safe and Love yas

  5. Tbirdonroute66,
    Glad you enjoy following us on the blog Susie started.

    It looks good here this morning. Will have to check the forecast and decide where we go from here.