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Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 25th is the Day................

We will be heading out on our trip tomorrow morning and hope to be at least in Cleveland, Ohio by Sunday night.
We had a good supper last night with all the family here and played Catch Phrase after. It is always fun to get together. We stopped and see Ronn, Erica and Drew on the way to Seaway Festival Parade and said good-bye and gave them all a hug. Drew, being almost 8 yrs. old, had decided he wasn't "into parades anymore" so they didn't go to watch with us. We met up with Andy, Melissa, Mason and Barb (Melissa's Mom) to watch the parade. Said good-bye and hugs to them and headed home to finish packing. We see Randy, Sharlene, Riley and Connor who were watching the parade just down the street. We visited with them for a while on the way to the car. Started raining big drops just as we got to the car.
Here is a map that is roughly our path we will follow. We are riding Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Then up the coast of California on our way to Seattle, Washington.


  1. From Deb M. I know you will have tons of fun but ohh my aching back, LOL!! =D

  2. :) The Motrin helps and the fun takes my mind off it a lot.

  3. Hope you have a great time. PLEASE stay safe. I will check on you everyday that I can. My computer has been acting funny lately, so never sure if it is going to start. Love you both.
    Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob..

  4. Thanks Peg and we will see you and Bob when we get back.