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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 2 Elyria, OH - Romeoville, IL 376 miles

We left Elyria, Ohio at 6:15 am, the temp was 64* and the sun was just coming up. Headed for Chicago and Route 66. We were looking for 111 S. Michigan Ave and W. Adams Street which is the beginning of Route 66.
First I have to back up a bit. I never payed so many tolls in my life as I did coming in and out of Chicago. Some stretches they charge to get on and get off. We originally had the GPS programmed for 1060 W. Addison Street. If you have watched the Blues Brothers, you know that is the address for Wrigley Field. Well.......we never got there. GPS kept re-calculating when I would miss a turn and after 30 - 40 minutes, I found a spot to pull over on the side of the street and programmed it to go to S. Michigan Ave.
Well.......we found it. Parked right in front of the Chicago Institute of Art which is guarded by two statues of lions and I said "There, we made it".
Well........then we got all screwed up somehow. Long story short we drove around downtown Chicago for about 2 1/2 hours. Got to one point at a stop light and asked two women in a car how to get to Route 66 and they said. "Straight ahead". Then some guys on one side of the intersection started yelling back and forth with some guys on the other side and flashing gang signs or whatever. It wasn't sign language because both groups were yelling and flashing signs. Don't know what they were saying because it wasn't English. One of the ladies hollered to us and said maybe you should get on one of the bigger streets and get out of here instead of taking that little street. Enough said....we turned left and got out of there.
Finally found I-55 which replaced Route 66 and got a room in at Best Western in Romeoville, Illinois which is about 30 miles Southwest of  Chicago. So we are still a little ahead of schedule and back on track. We also picked up an hour because we are now in the CST time zone.
Tomorrow we regroup and hit Route 66 toward St. Louis, MO. Oh, ya and the weather was fantastic today. We ended up going 376 miles and MOST of it right in downtown Chicago. LOL!
Albert and Susie
 Albert did it again! LOL! We have a 5 gallon tank on the Harley and he had to go to the reserve tank on the Ohio Turnpike. As you can see we used up almost all of it. :o)

 We thought these tractors with three trailers were pretty cool.

There's Chicago! :o)

COOL eh?
Yes we were in the middle of this mess.



  1. You mean you let a fwe gang bangers deterr you from riding the start of Route 66, should of just pulled out the 9mm and showed them you don't need signs, you're from up north...we shut stupid teh story and pics Al....still wishing I was there. Take care, ride safe...try to keep gas in teh sucks to have to push a

    Larry Martin

  2. Larry,
    LOL!!! It was quite an adventure and we were in parts of Chicago that you could tell, by the way people were looking at you,that you must be crazy to be there. We were in China Town twice too, but I couldn't tell you how to get there. haha Ya, ya, gas in the tank, I know. Glad you are enjoying the adventure.

  3. Well now it sounds like you guys are having a great adventure already. I am loving the stories and I can just hear Albert as he is writing them. At least you are having nice weather. LOL Love the pics too. So did you see everything in Chicago or do you need to stop back on your way home:) LOL Have a safe trip tomorrow and can't wait to see the next adventure. Love ya's

  4. Fantastic following your adventures... Thought earlier about the date - said to myself, we'd be on the road too this time of the year...

    I'm on the laptop - sold my computer so don't have all my links, had to do some searching but found you guys...

    I remember riding past Wrigley Field it was in a beautiful part of Chicago (actually, I was surprised)- had beautiful walking areas; park; etc right alongside a body of water...

    Be safe,


  5. Cubbear,
    Chicago is nice. Lots of parks museums, art galleries, etc. It seemed clean too, which surprised me.
    We are only 30 miles from Chicago,but not going back this trip.

  6. Tammy,
    We will NOT be going back to Chicago. LOL. We didn't get to see Wrigley Field BUT we got to see Chicago and a lot of it which millions have never seen before so I would call it a GOOD day. :) It's all good.
    Thanks for following,

  7. Where you snapping pictures of the gang bangers? or just thinking, how the hell do we get out of here alive? haha! Must have been interesting and frustrating, going thru such a big city. The skys are beautiful!

  8. Julie,
    Are you nuts? LOL. Nope, no photos of them. I was just wanted to go the way we were going gang bangers or not. HA HA.It was like you said,,,,,,,,,interesting and frustrating. :)
    Thanks for following us kiddo.

  9. Well, you two always seem to know where to go to test the waters. WOW! Chicago like I never heard it before. Been there, big confusing city for sure and ZI was with someone who knew where they were going. Keep up the GREAT stories, its a lot of fun following :0)

  10. Blue Jay,
    Test the waters? You wait until you hear today's story. :)
    Glad to have you following,

  11. ok, now i HAVE to hear what happened today. stop teasing me and get that blog up! lol. you're only on day 3 and it sounds like you've had at least 2 memorable adventures already! i'm glad you guys are getting to do this, we miss you, but you deserve it :]

  12. Hey Susie and Albert. We just got back from the west today. What time were you in Chicago? We went through there yesterday between 6 and 10. We went by the globe and took the same pic as you at around 6:30 or so. It would have been cool to see you. I also took a pic of a rte 66 sign for you folks. Travel safe, and get stuff on that blog! BEcky

  13. Erica,
    The new post is up. DAY 3! :)
    I was teasing you????? LOL!
    Yup we have had some great adventures already.
    THanks, we miss you guys.

  14. Hey Becky,
    Hope you had a good time.
    We were there about noon to 2:30. :)
    Thanks for getting the picture of the ROUTE 66 sign. COOL.
    We just posted Day 3.

  15. I don't think I have ever seen a 3 trailor before. I have seen the two. Like the pictures.

  16. Hi Dad,
    I thought they were pretty cool too.
    Glad you are enjoying the photos and glad to see you posting too.
    Love ya,