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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 5 Cuba, MO - Carthage, MO 225 miles

Left the motel around 6:45 this morning and stopped down the road at Walmart to pick up a few things. Then off to the historic section and the murals.

Got sprayed by a sprinkler system that was spraying into the road at an intersection just past the first mural. They have automatic sprinklers to water the grass in a little railroad park.
  We had a great visit with a guy at a full service gas station. Oh and by the way it is a "gas station" not a convenience store. He pumps gas........period right on a corner of Route 66.

  We got pics of all the murals plus one that isn't recorded in any advertising yet, that the gas station guy told us about. Hmmmmmm......gas station guy, I didn't even get his name even though I do remember it said Manager on his name tag.
  Then we headed down the road and see the worlds largest rocking chair and man is it BIG. It's 42' tall and 20' wide. They won't let you sit in it though. Probably because it would be such a climb up into the seat of it.

  We see lots of nice old buildings, old cars, motels, restaurants and even run I-44 for stretch and got off again for lunch. After lunch when we were getting gas we felt some sprinkles. Sooooooo.....we hit I-44 again and outrun it with only a few sprinkles on us.

  Decided to get a room in Carthage, MO for the night and not push our luck. It has guest laundry so we did the clothes up too.

  So here we are in Carthage, MO at the Best Western Precious Moments. What a nice place it is and I would recommend it to anyone passing through looking for a room. It is probably the nicest Best Western we have stayed in and only $69 dollars for the night.

Does anyone know what this is?
Have a nice night everyone.


  1. Love the pics Al, gas station attendant who pumps gas for you and not a store to sell food and stuff...did you feel like you were back in the 50's Al?
    Wel have fun, looking forward to teh next installment of the ride.

    Larry Martin

  2. Ummm...Susie it is a tree, DUH..
    Glad you had a good day. I love the pics they are beautiful murals and the buildings are gorgeous. I remember the days when we had gas stations. Hope you have a good trip tomorrow..I will be following.

  3. Tammy,
    DUH, what kind. I mean it looks like HUGE string beans on it. I guess a HUGE STRING BEAN TREE. :)
    Glad your following,

  4. Albert, I think it is commonly known as the String Bean Tree, or Catalpa Tree. Very cool.

  5. Well if you wanted to know the exact kind I could have told you that..:)LOL It is really cool looking though. I wonder if you can actually eat the beans off it??

  6. Hi Susie and Albert. Loved your post. I love that tree too. We had string beans for supper, but they weren't off a tree though! That large stone building reminds me of the County Courthouse here in Canton. Safe travels tomorrow, becky

  7. Hi Al and Susie... Notice your miles for each day - depending upon where we were or what we were going to see we'd have varied miles too... Gives you a chance to 'catch your breath' and get the little things like 'laundry' done...

    I was going to say those things hanging on that tree looked something similar to a bread-fruit tree that grows in Florida (if I remember that name correctly) but I'll take the long-string beans - see all of what you are learning... The bread-fruit are size of large squash (the green one that starts with a z)...

    Have fun - love your pictures and write ups...


  8. Peggy cubbear,
    It's true that you never know what you are going to see and want to stop and check out or you may just say "that's enough for today".

  9. Hey Susie and Albert, I am following love the pics, you look like you are having a great time. glad you let us all follow along, look forward to the next one. who-hoo.

  10. Tammy, I don't know if you can eat the beans or not but I'm guessing no because they are still there. :)

    Thanks for following us. :o)Yup we are having a great time.

  11. Hi Albert and Sue,
    That string bean tree reminded me of about 4 years ago when we had the caterpillars hanging out of the trees everywhere. When we would drive in and out of North Shore at Lake Bonaparte, they were hanging out of the trees and would hit your windhsield and were really eerie. Like something out of a movie.
    Glad you are having such a good trip. Love the pictures. We ran a GAS Station for awhile in the 60's. No food, Just gas and oil.. Chevron on the corner where Mattot's car dealer is now in DeKalb. It was Cunninghams Than.

  12. Peggy,
    I remember the Chevron Station. Didn't Bernice Downey live upstairs there at one time. I remember she lived in the apartment across from Turnbull's Store when you and Bob lived there.

  13. '...That string bean tree reminded me of about 4 years ago when we had the caterpillars hanging out of the trees everywhere. When we would drive in and out of North Shore at Lake Bonaparte, they were hanging out of the trees and would hit your windhsield and were really eerie. Like something out of a movie...'

    'Aunt Peggy' (I say that as my name is Peggy, too)... Going with your comment above, I lived in the Northeast - Connecticut - many of my family are still in the area. I can remember back as early as the late 50's seeing those eerie things (we knew them as GYPSY MOTHS) eating so many leaves the roads were covered - even in 70's my Mom used to hang her clothes on the clothesline in Salem, CT - items were covered with the Gypsy Moths - late 70's early 80's I lived in Niantic, CT - our house; cars; trees; everything was covered with those critters and they hung/swayed from the trees too - really awful... Finally had area around our home sprayed each year...

    cubbear (Peggy)

  14. It's a bean tree. I use to have a truck like that one.

  15. Dad,
    Are those beans edible?
    I bet your truck was nice.
    Love ya,

  16. In Carthage Mo there are several murals located around the square. I don't see them here....Then if you travel thru Webb City Mo. there are a couple more murals. One outside, one inside. Hate for you to miss such amazing artwork on Rt 66. LOVE the riding and searching out the sites.

  17. I took a billion photos so we probably did see them. Will have to remember what you wrote though if we go back. :) Thanks,

  18. There are pictures of 4 of the murals on this page. We see them all and I believe got pictures of them all. All along Route 66 there are murals. Would like to go ride it again. Maybe someday.