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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day7 Tulas, OK - Weatherford, OK 199.4 miles

  Up and had breakfast after a chat with Julie calling us names. haha Then we went back to the 5 & Diner for coffee and some pictures. The diner is built on to the Route 66 Harley Davidson building.

  Not too far down the road Susie got confused about an old saying. I tried to tell her the saying was "Take the bull by the horns, NOT take the bison by the...........

  So down Route 66 we went. We haven't had too bad of a time keeping on Route 66 since we got out of Missouri. It is well marked but still cut up and you have to pay attention or you will miss a turn. We rode many interesting parts of 66 and met some very interesting people along the way. We just keep adding to the people. 

  There is this place called Pops that has a spiral bottle outside that is 60 foot tall and lights up at night. Also they have over 400 kinds/flavors. I had a Route 66 Beer and Susie had a Route 66 Cream Soda.  It is quite the tourist attraction.  We see a round barn, tons of murals and just interesting stuff. Well at least it is interesting to us.

   We had lunch at this real nice diner called Mae's that was a nice little Route 66 diner. The place does more business than you can imagine and it isn't that big.

  After we left there we pulled up to a stop sign in El Reno, OK and a guy on a Harley pulled up and asked us where we were going. We told him and he said "follow me and I will show you a nice mural you might like." It was a nice one and the guy helped get the mural painted. He is a Route 66 fan and has ridden it from El Reno  both ways and loves Route 66. We talked for quite a while and then his son and daughter-in-law pulled up and we visited with them all for a while. Then Larry said he would show us the way to a good section of 66 and he escorted us to it. We said our good byes, and went our own ways. Thanks Larry, it was a good ride though we got a few sprinkles but dried out fast in the heat. Here is a link to his website. Check it out.

  Well we got to Weatherford, OK and check in around 2:45 and were surprised that the Manger remembered us. We stayed here a year ago on the way back from our trip to Sturgis and San Diego. She thought is was only 3 months or so ago though. How time flies. The thing is last year we didn't know this motel and the restaurant next door are historical Route 66 buildings. They were built in the 50's and are now The Best Western Mark Motor Inn and Restaurant. The good thing is you get a coupon for a free breakfast at the restaurant. After we checked in around 20 Harleys pulled in. They are from Norway and are riding from Chicago - Santa Monica just like us, but we are riding back. They will fly home from California.
 It was 104* when we checked in and we just got a thunder storm and the temp has dropped to 77* in about a half hour. Of course it would rain, I just washed the Harley for the first time since we left.

  That is it for tonight. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.
Albert and Susie


  1. Hi Susie and Al,

    Still laughing at the comment of Susie and the Bison - great picture...

    I could never figure out how someone would be able to keep their bike clean - we rode the same roads, ours was dirty and their's was spit clean... Al, you should have known better than to wash your bike - just like riding, getting soaked as rain gear was on bike tucked away...

    At least the rain cooled it down - here it just gets more muggy...

    Be safe and have fun - love your pictures and writeup...

    cubbear (Peggy)

  2. Peggy cubbear,
    Glad you enjoyed the picture of Susie. LOL!! We couldn't resist it. Yes I should have know better, I was just going to wash the wind shield and got carried away. haha There is a guy here with a '02 Fatboy and it is spic and span clean. It has over 100,000 on it and it looks brand new. I will have to ask him how he does it. That red dust sure likes to stick to metal. :^)

  3. OMG Susie, you can't keep your hands to yourself even when you are out:) LOL Love the pic. That diner is really cool looking. It reminds me of the show Happy Days with the Fonze. LOL I am glad you are enjoying your time and are able to go slow and see what you want and ignore what you don't want. Did that just make sense.LOL Be Safe and Love ya's

  4. Hi Albet and Susie,
    Looks like you had another amazing day! Well, I am finally on vacation....going to enjoy some time off. ~Suzann~

  5. Tammy,
    LOL, you are too funny. We thought it was cute. Yes you made sense. :) Thanks,

    Have a great vacation. Hope the weather warms up for you. It is in the 100's here. You would love it.

  6. Molesting Bison... A new experience? Try everything once! hehe! Of course the Inn owner would remember you guys! Who could forget? Keep those guardian angels clean!

  7. Susie keep your hands off the bison's balls.

  8. Phil,
    You tell her. I can't get her to listen, maybe she will listen to you. hahaha

  9. Julie,
    Thanks. We will keep them shined right up. :^)

  10. Dad,
    Whoops! I'll be good.
    Hope your enjoying our blog.
    Love ya,

  11. Julie,
    Um yup. Trying a new experience every day. :)
    Thanks for following along.