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Monday, September 7, 2009

New Hampshire 2009 Day 3

Went to the breakfast buffet this morning and met a couple from Elmira, NY. We talked to them for at least an hour about Harleys, horses, houses and antiques. Susie got the womans phone number and email before we left.
Then we went for about a 2 mile walk from one end of town to the other and back. It was a little chilly but nice temperature for a walk. I think with all the fudge and other eats we have had for the last month, I think we better get to walking again. LOL!
So we left Lake Placid, NY about 9:45 AM and it was starting to warm up. We rode to Tupper Lake, Cranberry Lake, Star Lake and then to Harrisville, NY for lunch at the little diner on the corner. I think the name of it is Rosies. They have very good food and are nice people if you happen to be in the area. Since I am advertising I will advise not to stay at the Best Western in Lake Placid. It is over priced and not up to par with most Best Western Motels. Phil and Kristi, the couple we met, agree with us on that.
Then from Harrisville we went to Fargo, Carthage, Champion, Watertown, Evans Mills, and Philadelphia, NY where we stopped for gas and to get rid of some coffee. haha From Philadelphia we headed to Antwerp and took the left turn just outside of Antwerp to Oxbow. I had never been on that rode and wanted to check it out since it was still fairly early.
From Oxbow we went to Rossie and cut across to Brasie Corners and went straight across on the California Road, which I had never been on. We took a left at the end of the California Road and ended up in Popes Mills. So that was quite a stretch of new road for the both of us and a nice slow paced ride.
From Popes Mills we went straight through Edwardsville to Morristown where we stopped at a new little cafe on Main Street. We each had just a cup of coffee and it was $3.40. NO WONDER THEY DON'T GET MUCH BUSINESS.
We left Morristown and went to Ogdensburg and then home for a total 3 day trip of 799 miles. It was a nice 3 day trip and we are looking forward to the next one but it probably won't be this year. For the rest of the year we will probably just do one day rides that will put us back at home by the end of the day.

PS: All the riding we did today was in NY state in case some of you aren't familiar with the name of the towns and I think Albert wants me to buy him this little tractor. LOL!
It was a great time as always. :)


  1. The info on the Best Western is what we run into all the time - you think a particular brand of motel is great then they have a few 'rotten' ones...

    Liked your writeup of all the towns; I was beginning to think you were all over the country with some of the names...

    Always forget that you'll be having snow pretty soon - that's why I moved south over 20 years ago...

    Al and Susie, you mention and/or you've gotten posts' from your Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob - I had the same aunt and uncle (same names anyway)...laughing

    Susie, love the tractor...

    Enjoyed reading your travels... Have fun...

  2. Aunt Peg is my fathers sister and her husband Bob. They live in Salem, NY and yes we will be getting snow sooner or later. Hopefully later.

    The names of some of the towns are all over the country. That is one of the things we notice when going out west and back.

    I guess we should just pick a motel chain and stick with it to get reward points toward a free room. Which reminds me, we have enough for a free night at Super 8. Best Western still doesn't have us up to date on our points. We lack points for around 6 or 7 stays. I guess I will have to call them again.

    You and Susie both do a good job on taking pictures from the back. :^) I think she is going to upload a bunch more pictures to one of her photo sites when she gets the time. Probably when we start getting the snow. haha

    Ride safe,

  3. nice photos! I love that you do this blog...and I love that tractor! I think you should get it for Albert! ;-)

  4. Hi Shelby,
    :) Thanks!
    I really think Albert did want the tractor but we didn't have any place to put it on the Harley. LOL!