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Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Hampshire 2009 Day 2

Cold start at 8:30 am of 35 degrees. We waited for the sun to get over the mountain and decided to head out.

We rode the Kancamagus Scenic Byway from Lincoln, NH to Conway, NH. It was only 8.5 miles to Maine from there so we went into Maine and then came back to the State Line Country Store which also has a Dunkin' Donut in it and had coffee and donuts.

Then we headed up Rt. 16 toward North Conway to pick up Rt. 302 to Littleton, NH. That was a bad mistake. There was a traffic jam in North Conway on a Sunday morning and it took close to an hour to get through. Anyway we hit I-93 to St. Johnsbury, VT and then Rt. 2 to Middlesex, Vt, Rt 100B to Rt. 100 then picked up Rt. 17 to Chimney Point where we crossed into New York State where we took Rt. 9N to Keene, NY and then Rt. 73 to Lake Placid where we are spending the night.

We will be home tomorrow sometime. It is supposed to go down in the 40's again tonight so we will probably get a late start again. We should be OK though Susie and I got a pound of fudge from the Candy Man here in Placid so we should be all set. LOL!!


  1. Hi guys. I have been checking your blog, so glad to see you wrote in it again. By the way, I just read an article that chocolate helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. so enjoy the fudge....Aunt Peg

  2. Aunt Peg,
    I've heard that news about the fudge so I'll be sure to eat a LOT of it. :)

  3. Neither one of us should have a stroke or heart attack then. hahaha